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How to get a bigger butt and bigger legs?

hypertrophy How to get a big butt and big legs by increasing their muscle mass. How to increase the muscle volumen of butt and legs, for women and men. In order to get a bigger butt and also bigger and attractive legs, it is strictly necessary to workout, and also depends on the genetic potential of every person (I am not saying women only, because there are men who want this part of their bodies get bigger too) which can be related to the type of workout applied, and also the time the good results will show up.

You will not get bigger butt and bigger legs by sitting on you couch all day long, by sleeping all night long, by watching tv, or just by walking or jogging.

Give them reasons to grow, to get more hypertrophy
You need to make those muscles to growth, you need to force them to stand against and move some heavyweights (although some people well gifted genetically could get good results by working out only with their own body mass).

Keep in mind is not about how to get a big…

Best workout to burn fat and lose weight

Are you looking for the best workout to burn fat and lose some weight? Well, you need to know that you have to train in an aerobic threshold or in a mixed (aerobic/anaerobic) threshold.

And how you know when you are training in one of these thresholds? Well, it is all about your Maximum heart rate and of course you have to keep in mind monitoring your heart rate constantly during the workout session.

Is out there a magic workout to burn fat super fast?
I suppose you are looking for the best or one of the best workouts or ways to excercise yourself in order to burn fat, in order to burn belly fat (that fat around you stomach or abdominal area) and also lose weight from fat, beacuse I have to say that you also can lose weight from the muscle, I mean is not like everytime you measure your weight on scale is all about losing or gaining fat.

If you train or excercise the wrong way you may burn fat but also muscle, or sometimes you will be burning only muscle and no fat at all (well, ac…

How to gain muscle fast for skinny or ectomorph guys?

How Skinny and Ectomorph guys can gain muscles fast. How skinny and Ectomorph men must train to get big muscles and strength fast. This is the best way for thin men to gain muscle relatively fast: make or force your muscles to growth by making them lift or move "real" and challenging weights (heavyweights), does not matter it those weights do not allow you to do more than 8 repetitions per set.

Even if you do less reps but keeping in mind to increase the weights you lift, and of course avoiding this "super-weights" compromise the execution technique of every exercise.

Is it possible to gain muscles fast being skinny?
If you are Skinny and you want to gain muscle fast, first you need to be sure if you are an Ectomorph, beacuse sometimes skinny guys think that for being skinny they have this somatotype, but sometimes they are skinny just beacuse they have never trained, because they have never tried to make their muscles to gain some strength and more size.

Being …

Can I burn fat and lose weight while I sleep?

Burn fat and lose weight while you sleep because it is possible. Find out how you can burn fat and lose some weight during several hours of sleep in order to get a good look of your body and better health.

Is it possible to burn fat and lose weight while sleeping during night or in other time during the day? Well actually it is possible that your body can be able to burn fat while you spend several hours sleeping, and that way it is possible to lose some weight because you are losing some amount of fat your body needs to spend in some metabolic processes.

stop eating big amounts of calories if you do not spend to much energy during the day
If you eat much more kilocalories than you spend by the activities you do during the day, you will store some fat in your adipose tissue. Even if you eat lot of proteins because everything consumed excessively can make you become fat.

So the more fat you are or have the less fat you will burn and the less weight you will lose while you sleep becau…

How to gain muscle fast with low body fat?

Find out how to gain muscle fast with low body fat. Here I explain you how to get ripped and big muscles fast. For women and men. I think everybody would like to gain muscle really fast and also with low body fat levels, because everybody wants to look attractive and a body with a good amount of hypertrophied muscle and a relative low body fat level is the way to achieve that.

And keep in mind I am not saying people who do not have big muscles and low body fat levels are not attractive, I am just saying the other way is much better talking in aesthetic terms.

Low body fat improves your health and that is what is important
Independently that a person wants to gain muscle as soon as possible with a relatively low body fat amount, in order to achieve some aesthetic goals and perhaps also some performance goals (more endurance, more strenght, etc.), it is a good thing to want that because the improvement of the general health will be very remarkable.

So it is not that wanting big musc…

Neuro Pilates for our brain: exercises to apply (brain workout)

Neuro Pilates is a good workout for your brain. Find out how to workout your train applying Neuro Pilates exercises. Avoid memory loss and other degenerative diseases.

The Neuro Pilates are a number of essential exercises to keep in good condition our brain (is like a Brain Workout) and at the same time our overall body, because is this important organ (brain) and nervous system what gives orders consciously or unconsciously so that we can perform several activities daily optimally.

It is more than proven. The body must keep moving to prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome, and this in one way our brain can be exercised, although some people may say the constant movement is an indirect exercise for this crucial organ, so for this reason (to exercise it in a direct way) the Neuro pilates has been proposed.

The lack of constan use of our brain, the constant lack of challenging use of this important organ may conduce it to the atroph…

Should I lift weights fast or slow to gain more muscles and strength?

Find out if is better to lift weights as fast as you can or if is better for you to focus on slow lifting to gain more muscle hypertrophy and strength. Learn how to gain more strength by lifting weights fast or slow. Everything in order to get more strenght and bigger muscle mass.

Is it better the fast weight lifting system or the slow lifting system? Well, actually it is not such a system or kind of systems, there are just two ways to fight against challenging external weights or super loaded weights, or whatever you want to call those monsters you have to beat in order to gain brutal muscles once you have got bestial strenght.

So, is it better to lift weights fast or slow?
Well, is not like with a super weight you are going to lift it super fast beacuse hey!: it is a high or brutal weight, so the speed yo lift it could be relatively slow, however, for you may be the fast speed you can actually lift it and also let it go down again (the excentric phase of any movement).

But what abou…


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