Best workout to burn fat and lose weight: get rid of that belly fat

Are you looking for the best workout to burn fat and lose some weight? Well, you need to know that you have to train in an aerobic threshold or in a mixed (aerobic/anaerobic) threshold.

And how you know when you are training in one of these thresholds? Well, it is all about your Maximum heart rate and of course you have to keep in mind monitoring your heart rate constantly during the workout session.

Is out there a magic workout to burn fat super fast?

I suppose you are looking for the best or one of the best workouts or ways to excercise yourself in order to burn fat, in order to burn belly fat (that fat around you stomach or abdominal area) and also lose weight from fat, beacuse I have to say that you also can lose weight from the muscle, I mean is not like everytime you measure your weight on scale is all about losing or gaining fat.

If you train or excercise the wrong way you may burn fat but also muscle, or sometimes you will be burning only muscle and no fat at all (well, actually is almost impossible not to burn fat at all, but if you train or excercise the wrong way you may demand your body to use severly less fat than the anaerobic energy substrates such as glucose and phosphocreatine).

HIT or lower intensity to burn fat?

You may have heard that in order to burn fat you need to train by doing some HIT (High Intensity Trainings), but this is wrong because during a HIT session your heart beats get to high and then your body will start entering in a mixed or complete anaerobic threshold where the energy substrates used are glycogen (degraded to glucose) and/or phosphocreatine, and not the fat (fatty acids) or at least not as much as you would like them to be used and burned.

However, by working out with High Intensity Trainings you can stimulate different kind of skeletal fast-twitch muscle fibers, and that way you are not only making them to be hypertrophied, but also that fact can help increase your basal metabolismo rate (BMR) which means the fat burning while you are resting or while you are training in an aerobic of mixed threshold, can get increased too.

I have to tell that working out in a mixed threshold will allow you also to burn fat, not as much as training in an aerobic threshold for several minutes, but not that low when you train in an anaerobic threshold (when your Heart Rate surpasses 85% or 90% of your maximum heart rate).

Keep in mind you can calculate your Maximum Heart Rate by several formulas, but here I am going to let you know only the standard one: 220 - your age.

When your heartbeats are under the 75% of your maximum Heart rate your will be working out in an aerobic threshold also known as fat burning aerobic zone (between the 60% and the 75% of your maximum heart rate). And if you workout keeping your bpm (beats per minute) under that 60%, you will be still burning fat but in a not so high amount.

No matter what type or kind of workout, excercises, or whatever you do, the most important thing to keep in mind in order to help yourself to burn fact and lose weight, or to reach other goals, is monitoring constantly your heart rate, so that way you can know what threshold or workout zone your are, so you can know what you are doing and determine how appropriate or not appropriate is to keep that way (those heartbeats).

Burn fat and lose weight with the best workout

Before I continue I have to tell you I am not going to expose or show a workout routine. In this article I am only going to talk about the important things you need to keep in mind during a training session in order to burn fat and lose some weight from it.

It is not something really complicated, I just want to explain you some things and clear your mind some myths about sports training.

So the first myth or misbelief is the one I already mentioned, the one that dictates that in order to burn fat and lose weight is strictly necesary to apply a High Intensity Training, specially those that involve several kind of movements and that involve a circuit training (doing an excercise after another), for example the Insanity trainings, the Functional training, etc.

Also I want to tell you that every workout you do is functional beacuse you are improving something that let you move or do some movements better than when you started to workout, so the traditional weight lifting workout is also functional.

You need to train for what you want to achieve and not to apply some random workout just because is popular, and do not believe what every person says about it, I mean do not believe it is practicly mandatory to workout in a high intensity level in order to lose weight from fat, sometimes do not believe what some "trainers" tell you unless they can explain really well and in detail physiological aspects, such as the training thresholds, the energy substrates, the importance or monitoring the heart rate constantly during training and why is that important, etc.

Although I must say that a very trained person (an athlete, a professional competitor who perform in different areas) could burn more fat than a sedentary or non so trained person, while working out in a mixed or even in an anaerobic threshold because they have bigger aerobic capacity (VO2máx).

And in contrast, a sedentary or not so physical conditioned person could burn less fat than an athlete, even when this sedentary or non high conditioned person trains or workout in an aerobic threshold.

The best workout in order to burn fat without losing muscle (avoiding high use of muscle proteins in the energy metabolism) is to do several minutes (30, 40, 60 or more) of what is known as "Cardio", keeping in mind that this term is not appropriate to refer to the cyclic structure excercises, those such as jogging, running, swimming, etc., because this term refers to everything related to the miocardium (heart), so the traditional weight lifting workout is also a type of cardio, is just that in this case is a high intensity cardio.

So, if you want to train to burn fat without losing muscle, you need to jog, swim, ride bycicle, etc., during 30, 40, 60 or more minutes, keeping your beats per minute between the 60% and 75% of your maximum heart rate.

Also you can try increase the intensity (speed or resistance) for some seconds until your heart rate enter to a mixed threshold, so you can work not only on burning fat but also trying to improve your aerobic power (the capacity or the miocardium to send more blood to different kind or organs without having to beat more times per minute).

You can try do this workout (aerobic or mixed cardio session) after a high intensity work out (weight lifting, Crossfit, Insanity, etc.), in other time or in other day.

Also keep in mind that in order to burn fat is not only necessary to workout, because the diet is extremely important too.