Can I burn fat and lose weight while sleeping?

Burn fat and lose weight while you sleep because it is possible. Learn the dream, everybody wants to burn fat while laying down.

Find out how you can burn fat and lose some weight during several hours of sleep in order to get a good look of your body and better health.

Is it possible to burn fat and lose weight while sleeping during night or in other time during the day? Well actually it is possible that your body can be able to burn fat while you spend several hours sleeping, and that way it is possible to lose some weight because you are losing some amount of fat your body needs to spend in some metabolic processes.

stop eating big amounts of calories if you do not spend to much energy during the day

If you eat much more kilocalories than you spend by the activities you do during the day, you will store some fat in your adipose tissue. Even if you eat lot of proteins because everything consumed excessively can make you become fat.

So the more fat you are or have the less fat you will burn and the less weight you will lose while you sleep because probably your basal metabolism rate will be very low, something that is also related to a possible sedentary lifestyle.

If you train hard pointing to gain muscle like crazy (well, the more muscles you have the less fat you will get and the less weight you will get from the fat, although it also depends on how many kilocalories you consume) you will stimulate fast twitch skeletal-muscle fibers also known as skeletal-muscle fibers type 2 or white.

These muscle fibers are those that can be most hypertrophied and therefore your basal metabolism rate will be increased and that way you will be able to burn more fat while you are sleeping (during the day or night), and also while you are resting, does not matter ir you are crossing or not a deep sleep period.

Burning fat while sleeping: very possible

Keep in mind that it is not like there are son magic formulas, magic food or magic supplements than will make you burn lot of fat and lose weight while you are sleeping, because these things do not exist.

The supplements known as "Fat burners" do not work, they do not help burn more fat that your body needs to burn: your body will not burn more fat than the one it sees to be required to burn depending on the activity you do and the time you practice it.

While we sleep we are burning fat thus we are losing some weight (some people more than other), and of course we also burn or use another energy substrates such as the glucose from the hepatic glycogen because our brain and nervous system need it because they are 100% glycolitic.

Now, talking about the muscle-skeletal tissue, while we sleep or in fact, while we are in an aerobic state (is no necesary to be sleeping) our body fat is constantly being degradated from triglycerides to fatty acids and glycerol and then used in different kind of metabolic processes.

It is very important to increase our basal metabolism rate in order to burn more fat and burn weight while we are sleeping and also while we are in a relatively rest state (beacuse with are aerobics), I mean we have to take advantage of our heart rate being very low from the 75% of our Maximum Heart Rate, so at this low levels of beats per minute our body prefers to use or burn aerobic energy substrates, such as the fatty acids from de triglycerides and also some glucose from the hepatic glycogen.

A Sedentary person will not burn lot of fat while sleeping or while being awake in an aerobic state because his Basal Metabolism Rate (BMR) is not high because his skeletal-muscle fibers are not being stimulated to be hypertrophied, and that is why a sedentary person will not experience big amounts of fat burning while he or she sleeps.

Burn fat and lose weight while you sleep

The point here is not only to keep good nutrition habits, because even if you eat or consume low amounts of kilocalories (less than you spend per activity), you are not training and then, despite your are losing weight from the fat you will be also losing weight from the muscle and also your basal metabolism rate will be decreased, so it will be some point where you will stop burning decent amounts of fat while you are sleeping or in other time while being awake also in an aerobic state.

If you cut the carbs you eat, yeah you will lose lot of weight, but the problem is that in some point your body may experience or enter into a zone known as "Saving mode", where your organism will store the few food he gets into fat in your adipose tissue.

And then, when you can not follow this super strict and unnecesary diet, your body will experience another mode known as "Rebound effect" (well, at least in spanish is known like that) where your body will store lot and lot of amounts of fat because he does not know when he will return to experience that annoying phase of super low kilocalories intake.

Another thing will be say that you are on a strict diet because you are also training very hard, no matter if you training to compete or just to reach some aesthetic goals.

But still it is not a good idea to avoid all types of carbs specially those complex carbs (rice, pasta, potato, bread, etc.), because they provide you glucose in a constant and slowly way, so you can get energy in a constant and slowly way.

That glucose you get from those types of carbohydrates will full in a slowly and constant way your muscle tissue and liver.

That glucose provided from them is not dangerous unless you eat them until you explote.

The Carbohydrates you should eliminate from your diet are those known as Simple Carbs with Low Nutritional Value, beacuse the provide lot and lot of glucose and satured fats but few or null amounts of vitamins and minerales.

Examples of these types of carbs are: sugar (anything made from it), desserts, chocolate bars, etc.

I already mentioned the importance to increase you Basal Metabolism Rate and something related to nutrition facts so you can burn decent amounts of fat thus losing weight while you sleep.

But I missed a very important fact which is "avoiding high stress levels", because this will cause high production of corticosteroids that will decrease the fat burning and increase the degradation of anaerobic energy substrates.

Also, when you sleep very stressed or well: when you try to do it (because sometimes is impossible to sleep with high levels of stress in our body), you will not only experience a low fat burning but also a high hepatic and perhaps muscle glycogen degradation thus a possible muscle protein degradation (their amino acids are converted into glucose), which means not only lost of muscle tissue (temporary muscle atrophy) but also lost of body water and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerales) needed to synthesize different kind of enzymes.

To summarize I must remind you that losing weight due to a fat burning while sleeping is possible but you have to keep in mind lot of things (written in this article) to make it possible, or well: to make it possible in decent amounts.