How to gain muscle fast for skinny or ectomorph guys?

How Skinny and Ectomorph guys can gain muscles fast. How skinny and Ectomorph men must train to get big muscles and strength fast.

This is the best way for thin men to gain muscle relatively fast: make or force your muscles to growth by making them lift or move "real" and challenging weights (heavyweights), does not matter it those weights do not allow you to do more than 8 repetitions per set.

Even if you do less reps but keeping in mind to increase the weights you lift, and of course avoiding this "super-weights" compromise the execution technique of every exercise.

Is it possible to gain muscles fast being skinny?

If you are Skinny and you want to gain muscle fast, first you need to be sure if you are an Ectomorph, beacuse sometimes skinny guys think that for being skinny they have this somatotype, but sometimes they are skinny just beacuse they have never trained, because they have never tried to make their muscles to gain some strength and more size.

Being Skinny most of the time does not mean being an Ectomorph. Ectomorphs have low genetic potential to gain big muscles because they have low skeletal muscle fibers fast-twitch, and much skeletal muscle fibers slow-twitch or at least much more than the fast ones.

So for that reason it is not that easy for an Ectomorph to gain muscle even by training and eating like a beast.

Train super hard and rest like a baby to gain muscle

Now, lets just say you are Skinny and you are also an ectomorph and you want to try gain some muscles by working out properly and eating the way is recommended by professionals on sportive nutrition.

If that is your case then I recommend you to read carefuly all I am going to write and explain in this article, so you can apply to the real life.

The first thing you need to understand is that you are not genetically gifted, and that is why you need to train harder (but notice that this does not mean you have to train several hours per day, but lifting more challenging weights in every training session, doing less reps and applying more rest time between sets and exercises) and eat more complex carbohydrates and not so many proteins as some people may recommend you.

I mean, proteins are really important (from food or protein supplements) if you are a skinny guy and want to gain muscle fast, but complex carbs are much more important if you want a faster muscule recovery and that way greater muscle mass gains.

However, you need yo apply also some good life habits such as avoiding stress, going to sleep not too late at night, trying to sleep more or less 8 hours and trying to do it with not stress over you, avoiding booze and smoking, etc.

If you want to go from bony to beastly, you need to keep all that in mind: training harder by lifting heavyweights no matter if you only do 8 or less reps per set, eating lot of complex carbs (rice, pasta, potatos, bread, etc), applying good lifestyle habits.

You need to keep in mind also that this is a process that can take several months, so there is not natural and easy way for a Skinny guy to gain big muscles really fast, even there is not such a way for a non ectomorph guy to reach that goal.

There are "unnatural" ways to gain muscles really fast for a Skinny and non skinny guy, but this ways involve the injection of artificial anabolic steroids (ROIDS) and/or the injection of HGH (Human Growth Hormone), something I do not recommend beacuse you could experience the side effects: Risk of heart attack by the incredible production of Red blood cells, risk of diabetes, your testicles will be decrease in size, etc.

But is your decision what to do and what not to do. In this article I will mention and explain the natural and not harmful ways to gain muscle ir you are skinny or bony.

Workout and diet for Skinny guys who want to gain muscle relatively fast

First you need to understand that "fast" does not mean days or few weeks, it could involve several months (3, 4, 6, 9).

If you are a disciplined guy it is possible to see very decent results in 12 weeks more or less, and by disciplined I mean being a guy who train and eat like I am going to explain, and a guy who can be able to apply good lyfestyle habits (do it also to improve your wellness and health).

I already told you that you have to train by lifting heavyweights and doing less reps per set and applying more rest time (2 minutos more or less) between sets and exercises.

But, why you need to do that if you are Skinny and want try gain muscles? Well, the things is you have to avoid large expenditure of muscle glycogen thus avoid large expenditure of muscle protein in the energy metabolism in your skeletal muscle tissue.

If you for example do lot of reps per set with non so heavyweights, you are training for a different goal which in this case is to improve your endurance, or being more specific: improving your lactic anaerobic endurance.

But you want to gain absolute strength (capacity to "beat" and move heavyweights) and big muscles, right? Well, then train for what you really want and do not apply some random system train system just because is popular, beacuse it may not be the right for what you want to achieve.

You need to keep active your alactic energy mechanism, the one that uses phosphocreatine as the energy substrate, the one who allows you to lift really heavyweights, although only for a few time (10-15 seconds).

You also need to rest 2 minutes (or more depending on how you feel) so this energy substrate can be resynthesized again and allow the production of more ATP in order to grant heavy muscle contractions.

If you train with a system where you are able to do lot of reps (with not so heavy weights) and you also do not rest a good time between sets and exercises (if you rest 90, 60, 30 or less seconds), you always will be keeping active the lactic energy mechanism, the one that uses muscle glycogen as energy substrate, and when this energy substrate get low levels then the body will start giving orders to degrade muscle proteins to amino acids, then your organism will convert them to glucose to cover your energy requirements.

This degradation and convertion means your body will experiment a temporary muscle atrophy and also a high lost of water and micro-nutrientes (vitaminas and minerals), which where used to synthesize different kind of enzymes to allow all this metabolic processes.

So, if you want to be a skinny guy attractive you to need train in order to gain big muscles applying the way I just wrote. The exercises to apply can be 2 (you do not need more) per big muscle group and 2 or 3 per small muscle group.

But hey!, remember you also need to improve your diet and lifestyle habits.

As I said, if you are a Skinny guy who is fighting or who think start to fight soon in order to obtain great muscle gains, then you also need to keep in mind eat better, and that means that you have to increase the intake of Complex Carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatos, bread, among others, beacuse they provide you constantly and slowly the important glucose to fill glycogen stores, then your recovery time after training can be shorter, and of course the muscle gain can be faster.

Each meal you eat should be composed by a high portion of a Complex Carb, a medium portion of protein and a medium vegetable salad. You also can choose a protein mil shake to drink after training (always mixing in water only), and after 40 to 60 minutes eat your after training meal.