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How to gain muscle fast with low body fat?

Find out how to gain muscle fast with low body fat. Here I explain you how to get ripped and big muscles fast. For women and men. I think everybody would like to gain muscle really fast and also with low body fat levels, because everybody wants to look attractive and a body with a good amount of hypertrophied muscle and a relative low body fat level is the way to achieve that. And keep in mind I am not saying people who do not have big muscles and low body fat levels are not attractive, I am just saying the other way is much better talking in aesthetic terms.

Independently that a person wants to gain muscle as soon as possible with a relatively low body fat amount, in order to achieve some aesthetic goals and perhaps also some performance goals (more endurance, more strenght, etc.), it is a good think to want that because the improvement of the general health will be very remarkable.

So it is not that wanting big muscles and low body fat levels could turn into a shallow goal, because the physiological changes and adaptations that happen inside our body are extremely good for our wellness and of course our good health.

Do not think about gaining muscles really fast and getting low body fat levels only beacuse you want to look nice and attractive, think about achieving those goals beacuse you want to improve your health and your overall wellness, so that way you will actually be more motivated in order to pursuit no matter how and also to achieve those goals as soon as possible.

But keep in mind that when I say "no matter how", you should not to choose the easy and really fast way by consuming, injecting or applying artificial anabolic steroids (testosterone produced in laboratory) or HGH (Human Growth Hormone), because despite this products could allow you reach those goals really fast, they also can manifest some negative side effects over your wellness and health.

Is it possible to gain muscle in record time with low body fat levels?

When you want to gain muscles super fast and at the same time to get low body fat levels and think about injecting HGH, you need to keep in mind the two more important side effects that this product could cause you. The more dangerous is the one that could "awake" some malignant tumor hidden and make it bigger and bigger, so you need to check that with your medic or medics, but still there is not 100% warranty that they are going to find some tumor that can be really hidden.

The other side effect about injecting HGH, is that this product increases the risks of diabetes, and in some cases insuline ressitant. For this reasons the diet of a person who decide to inject himself HGH in order to gain muscles fast with low body fat levels, has to be very strict with low carbohydrate intake (including low intake of sweet fruits), and high protein intake (to exploit the good or positive effects of this product: the HGH), and also high intake or vegetables (good source of vitamins and minerals).

Now, talking about Artificial Anabolic Steroids or better known as "ROIDS", there are also lot of side effects, the most significant which is the high stimulation of the erythropoiesis due to the high levels of testosterone (the one you already have and the one you inject).

This process increases the production of erythrocytes (red blood cells), and that is not good because blood plasma may become very viscous, and that is a problema associated with miocardium and vascular diseases (hypertension, risk of heart attack, etc.).

There are lot of more side effects about injecting ROIDS but I am not going to emphasize on that, because I just wanted to tell the most significant side effects and just saying than applying this substances is the easy and dangerous way to gain muscle with low body fat levels in record time (really fast). Although of course you have to train for that because it is useless or almost useless if you inject yourself those substances but do not train hard and constantly.

The natural way to gain muscle with low body fat

How to gain muscle fast with low body fat

I have to tell you that gaining big muscles with really low body fat levels by a natural way (only training, eating right, sleeping and perhaps consuming milk protein shakes) is not easy and you will not see really decent results in a few time.

I mean, how fast is "fast" for you when you ask yourself: How fast could I gain muscles and low body fat? Because reaching these goals depends on different factors such as your age, sex, genetic potential, sleeping good amount of hours and doing it without any stress, applying good life habits (avoiding smoking, avoiding drinking booze, etc.).

Of course you also have to train hard and in a good way in order to achieve those goals. If you want big muscles (no matter if your are man or woman) you have to give them reasons to get stronger and also to growth (muscle hypertrophy), and this is something you can do by making them fight and try to move challenging weights and not by doing several repetitions with low weights, because the muscle definition is not thanks to brutal sets of reps with low weight you can do but thanks to the low body fat you can get.

How you can get low body fat and allow your muscles to look more defined and more aesthetic? Well, the first thing to keep in mind is the importance of putting together a good nutritional plan that involve your age an other personal data and the activities you do through the day in order to know your basal energy expenditure and total energy expenditure, and then to know approximately how many Kilocalories you spend per activity and how many you should consume through every meal and each type of food you eat.

Now the other thing to keep in mind so you can get low body fat is that you should (sometimes yo have to) do some "Cardio" time. But before I continue I want to explain that is not really well naming the exercises of cyclic structure (jogging, running, swimming, etc.)

just like Cardio, because the weight lifting training and other high intensity trainings (does not matter if they involve weights) are also a type cardio if we keep the defintion of what really means Cardio (prefixal element and suffixal of Greek origin entering the formation of nouns and adjectives with the meaning of 'heart' or that is related to it). So it is not like in a Weight lifting training the heart is not involve because it is really involve.

If you want to burn fat without compromising your muscles too much due to a probably expenditure of muscle glycogen and perhaps in some time also a high expenditure of muscle protein (they can be degraded to amino acids and then be converted to glucose if the body needs it), you have to do some Cardio (exercises of cyclic structure) in an aerobic threshold (between the 60% and 75% of your maximum heart rate. If you do it lower than the 60% you will still burning fat but in a lower proportion due to obvious reasons).

You can easily calculate your maximum heart rate by the simple formula: 220 - age (there are other formulas to calculate it). So if your age is 30 your Maximum heart rate will be 190, and the 60% of that will be more or less 114 bpm (beats per minute) and the 75% will be more or less 143 bpm. You can do your aerobic cardio session after the weight lifting routine and/or in another time the same day.

Of course in order to allow your body can burn good amounts of body fat, this aerobic cardio time must be for 30, 40 or more minutes because one molecule of fat produces lot of energy.

The high intensity cardio session also by applying exercises of cyclic structure, allow you to burn fat too but not at the same amount the aerobic cardio does it. if you exceed that heart rate (75% of your maximum) your body will start needing fast combustion energy susbtrates (anaerobic energy substrates) just like the glycogen for example, and will decrease the contribution of fatty acids (from the triglycerides) to the energetic metabolism of the muscle tissue.

I try to explain all this in the next video (my english is not the best but I am trying to improve it. The video have english subtitles. Also I want to tell you that I do not look with big muscles because that is not my goal since I practice Volleyball, Basketball and Table Tennis, in case you are wondering why I recommend something I do not apply):

If you have any doubts you can ask them on the comments box down.


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