How to get a bigger butt and bigger legs?

How to get a big butt and big legs by increasing their muscle mass. How to increase the muscle volumen of butt and legs, for women and men.

In order to get a bigger butt and also bigger and attractive legs
, it is strictly necessary to workout, and also depends on the genetic potential of every person (I am not saying women only, because there are men who want this part of their bodies get bigger too) which can be related to the type of workout applied, and also the time the good results will show up.

You will not get bigger butt and bigger legs by sitting on you couch all day long, by sleeping all night long, by watching tv, or just by walking or jogging.

Give them reasons to grow, to get more hypertrophy

You need to make those muscles to growth, you need to force them to stand against and move some heavyweights (although some people well gifted genetically could get good results by working out only with their own body mass).

Keep in mind is not about how to get a bigger butt and bigger legs fast because time is relative, and 3 months, for example, could be fast for some people but an eternity for others.

So the important thing if you are pointing to get this goals (not only bigger butt but also bigger and nicer legs, which is the perfect combination for a better, stronger and attractive lower body) is to be patient, to be constant with your work out sessions, to never give up.

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Beat your genetics to get bigger butt and legs

Keep in mind also what I said about the genetic potential because for example a person (woman or man) who trains only with his o her own body weight could get some good results about getting bigger and mor attractive butt and legs, but in this case could be because the good genetic potential he or she was born with.

So in that way it is strictly necessary to mention that in some cases might be strictly necessary to workout by lifting heavy weights also, and not only by working out with the own body weight.

Other thing I want you to keep in mind is the meaning of "bigger", because I suppose you want to get bigger butt and legs by improving the muscle mass underneath and not by increasing the body fat located between the skin and the muscle.

Because if you are looking to get a bigger butt and legs only by increasing their body fat, then increase the amount of Kilocalories you eat from food or supplements, but I must tell you is not certain you will get nicer butt and legs, I mean you will increase their volumen but their appearance might be not the best (unless the genetic potential is Super enviable, because there are people, specially women, who can get bigger and nicer butt and legs only by eating, not even by working out hard, just eating and doing some daily activities: if you know what I mean).

So your goal must be to increase the muscle of your butt and legs in order to make then look bigger but also nicer and attractive, so you can also have good strenght and better health, because the more muscles you have the more fat burning will be, and that is the way to avoid diseases related to the miocardium, that is the way also to decrease risk of diabetes, among other diseases.

So in this article I am going to tell you how you must to workout in order to get bigger butt and legs by increasing their muscles, because if you already read what I wrote in the last paragraphs, and you got the point until here, perhaps you might not have the best genetic potential and maybe you are not happy with the current size of your butt and legs...

... and that is why you already should know you have to workout hard to reach those goals, and also to be patient, to be constant with you workout sessions and never give up (keep this in mind always).

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If you want bigger butt and bigger legs you need to force them to growth

Just like that, I mean talking about getting bigger muscles on your butt and legs, you need they can be able to gain strenght and that way volumen by myofibrillar hypertrophy, mainly. Is not possible your butt and legs muscles growth if they do not see the need to do it.

You will not get bigger butt and legs just by increasing the protein intake, you also need to workout appropriately so this muscles can growth.

It is important to lift or move weights, is important those can be heavyweights, weights that only allow you to do between 10 or 12 reps per set as maximum, because if you can do more then is better to increase the weight you are lifting or moving from a place to another (for example with the exercises known as lunges, walking lunges or walking squats, among others).

It is necessary you can stimulate your absolute strenght or power, which means the capacity your muscles have to stand against or move a heavyweights, and that is what your butt and legs muscles need to growth until your genetic potential allow it. You will never know which is that genetic potential these muscles have to growth ir you never force them to.

Of course keep in mind that the weights you are going to lift or move can not affect the execution technique of every exercise applied.

The best way is to lift or move those weights that do not allow you to make more than 8 reps per set, but is you notice than this does not allow you to keep a good technique while doing every repetition, then is better to decrease those weights slightly and do the rest of the reps with the right technique. Then, over time you might be able to handle heavier weights.

Another important thing to keep in mind (if you want to get more muscle volumen on your butt and legs and also strenght), is that you need to rest between 90 and 120 seconds between sets and exercises, beacuse that way you can allow the phosphocreatine to be resynthesized again and again, because this is the energy substrate that allow your muscles yo move or lift heavyweights and do decent reps (12, 10, 8 or less) per set with these heavyweights.

Also it is important to apply the exercises shown in the previous image (among others you can find in a gym) several paragraphs ago (some of them do not involve external weights and you can apply, but those are not the only ones you need to apply in order to achieve your goals), because are these exercises the most appropriate ones to work all over the muscles your butt and legs have.

It is necessary to apply them in your workout routine in order to get stronger and better looking butt and legs, and also as I said before: in order to improve your health, because the mores muscles (more hypertrophied muscles) you have the less body fat you might have (it depends also to the nutritional part) and the risks of several deseases will decrease.

Keep in mind there is not a natural magical way to gain muscle volumen on your butt and legs.

There are unnatural ways to do it: by injecting Artificial anabolic steroids and/or Human Growth Hormone (HGH), but this is something I do not recommend because of all the risks that involve, such as heart attack, Liver problems, masculine traits (in case your a woman), decreased testicular size (in case you are a man), etc, and the HGH increases the risk of diabetes and perhaps in some time the risk of insuline resistance (that is why the diet of people who decided to inject those substances have to be extremely strict). And even if you decide to inject those substances, keep in my that you also have to train hard.

Then my advice is: try to get bigger butt and legs by working out hard, by being constant in your trainings, by eating the right things and in the right amount (depends on your data, anthropometric measures, basal metabolic rate, etc.), by applying good lifestyle habits, etc.