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Neuro Pilates for our brain: exercises to apply (brain workout)

Neuro Pilates is a good workout for your brain. Find out how to workout your train applying Neuro Pilates exercises. Avoid memory loss and other degenerative diseases.

The Neuro Pilates are a number of essential exercises to keep in good condition our brain (is like a Brain Workout) and at the same time our overall body, because is this important organ (brain) and nervous system what gives orders consciously or unconsciously so that we can perform several activities daily optimally.

It is more than proven. The body must keep moving to prevent diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and metabolic syndrome, and this in one way our brain can be exercised, although some people may say the constant movement is an indirect exercise for this crucial organ, so for this reason (to exercise it in a direct way) the Neuro pilates has been proposed.

The lack of constan use of our brain, the constant lack of challenging use of this important organ may conduce it to the atrophy and that is why we use to get slower mind over time, that is why we usually tend to think too much when doing regular activities or why is so complicated (in some cases) to read, to understand simple things, to do simples activities.

Train your brain, avoid memory loss

The memory loss is not only associated with age, I mean not only the elders and not only sick people are prone to memory loss. Young people and apparently healthy persons can be predisposed to suffer memory loss when the brain is not stimulated constantly by doing and applying different kind of challenging exercises or when this organ is not required to learn new things or skills.

In fact, Richard Restak, in his book "The Older, the wiser" undermines the idea that the brain is damaged over time, and explains what actually happens is that the brain cells , also called neurons, produce substances or molecules known as neurotrophins (usually of a protein characteristic), which are those that allow them to communicate each other and keep the brain strong and healthy.

The memory loss can manifest even if that happens ocassionally and with not apparently important things. Because this is just the begining of a lazy brain, memory loss with several things and skills, and probably the loss also of some cognitive abilities.

The more active our brain cells are, the more neurotrophins are produced and more connections between dendrites or branches of neurons in the brain are "built". And less activity, less neurotrophins and connections, and or course that increase the risk to manifest memory loss. For this reason it is that Neuro Pilates become an essential tool to avoid all the bad things related to degenerative diseases associated with the brain and central nervous system.

Since a person is young, or well, actually since a person is still a baby he or she must exersise the brain. When you are a baby is up to you (unconsciously) and also up to your parents to do that in a good way (doing some exercises such as follow different colored toys, listening to different kind of songs, practicing some baby exercises, etc.), and of course when your are still a child and maybe a teenager is important to be encourage by your parents in order to acquire good habits, so the development of all systems (nervous, endocrine, skeletal muscle tissue, etc.) can be good.

How to prevent dendrite atrophy and simultaneously strengthen the brain and thus memory?

Neuro Pilates for our brain: exercises to apply (brain workout)
As well as training through Pilates focuses on fitness (set of exercises to maintain good physical condition), the Neuro Pilates are equivalent exercises but to exercise directly the mind, Neuro Pilates is the way to train your brain with exercises that involve concentration, breathing, flexibility and agility.

Applying Neuro Pilates allows our brain to produce its own "food": neurotrophins, and also allow the activation of several neurons through the stimulation of the senses, which leads our brain to become more alert and that is also a way our memory is strengthened, and of course we are able to perform more demanding daily activities in a more efficient way

All this is possible thanks to the Neuro Pilates, which becomes into better health in different kind of levels, because the proper function of the brain drives the good condition on other vital and non-vital functions. Then I will mention some typical Neuro Pilates exercises that we can apply in our homes.

Neuro Pilates Exercises we can apply easily

1. Take a shower with your eyes closed or covered (blinded). You should do this exercise every day and every time you take a daily shower. Or well, at least try to do it three or four days in a week, beacuse doing it only once a week could be not enough to train your brain properly. It is not necesary that you take a fast shower because you may not be used to do that blinded shower and you could suffer some accident, so the important thing is to do it well trying to do all the parts of this shower with your eyes closed or covered with something. The point is not to see while your are taking this shower so your brain can work more.

2. Use the other hand. If you are left handed then try to take a shower using only your right hand, or at least put some work on this nondominant hand. Of course this you need to apply it by doing some other activities such as brushing your teeths, also try to write somehting even if the letters written can not be understood the first times, also try to carry or grab things with this other hand.

3. Change the place where you put different kind of things. You can start by doing it with small things like changing the place where you put your watch or your wallet, change the place where you put your shampoo or tooth brush, change the place where you use to put your phone, etc. Then, later, you can try doing this with larger things, for example try to change the place where you put your bed (well, do it every 3 o 4 months because I don not think you want to do that several times a week). The important thing here is to avoid your brain "keep in mind" a certain place where to find those things.

4. Experience and learn new things. Travel, eat something new, listen a different kind of music, meet new people, learn a new language and/or how to play a musical instrument, try to do or learn things you usually do not do o do not know to do, train your brain make it learn and experience lot of different things, people, sounds, etc.

5. Practice different kind of games or sports. Try to solve different puzzles, try to solve a crossword or sudoku by using only one eye, I mean covering the other eye (this if you are use to play or solve this kind of games). Also try to practice some sports specially those that demand a tatical position and lot of concentration. Work out your brain but also the whole body.

6. Read out loud and play with the words. Look for those kind of games where you have to put some letters in the right order or some games you have to complete sentences with missing words. Read out loud if you are use to do it in silence.

7. Do simple math with your brain. If you are in some place, for example the bank or a supermarket, and if you have some time, try to count the number o people by not pointing them with your hand, only using your sight and of course your brain. Also try to do some simple mathematical operations without a calculator or smartphone help.

8. Try to identify objects only by touching them. Ask to friend or relative to choose different kind of things. Close your eyes or cover them with something. Ask to this person to let you touch those objects and try to identify them.

Well, there are more exercises associated with Neuro Pilates. These I mentioned here in this article are just a few, but still try to practice several or all of them in order to train and maximize the cognitive capacity or your brain.


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