Should I lift weights fast or slow to gain more muscles and strength?

Slow reps vs Fast reps to gain more muscle? Find out if is better to lift weights as fast as you can or if is better for you to focus on slow lifting to gain more muscle hypertrophy and strength.

Learn how to gain more strength by lifting weights fast or slow. Everything in order to get more strenght and bigger muscle mass.

Is it better the fast weight lifting system or the slow lifting system? Well, actually it is not such a system or kind of systems, there are just two ways to fight against challenging external weights or super loaded weights, or whatever you want to call those monsters you have to beat in order to gain brutal muscles once you have got bestial strenght.

So, is it better to lift weights fast or slow?

Well, is not like with a super weight you are going to lift it super fast beacuse hey!: it is a high or brutal weight, so the speed yo lift it could be relatively slow, however, for you may be the fast speed you can actually lift it and also let it go down again (the excentric phase of any movement).

But what about those men and women who want to gain muscle and absolute strenght by lifting "princess weights"? And their excuse is that they are lifting them super slow (also a super slow excentric phase).

I mean, they technically could lift those bars and gym dumbbells much more faster, because it is not a great weight they are fighting against.

So the error here is they decided to lift slowly a non decent weight (princess weights), even knowing they want to get absolute strenght (capacity to fight, stand against and move challenging weights) and big muscles (myofibrillar hypertrophy).

Lifting weights fast or slow: is all about what you want to achieve

So the point here is the relation between what you want to get or achieve and what you need or have to do to accomplish that goal.

So, Lets just say for example your goal is to gain what some people know as "real muscle" (which means: myofibrillar hypertrophy) and of course absolute strenght and not only that relative strenght (the capacity to "beat" and handle you own body mass) you stimulate by doing some calistheninc exercises (those that do not involve weights).

It is important to keep that in mind and not to focus only on making a comparison between fast or slow weight lifting, beacuse if you want to get real muscles you have to give them a reason to get real and bigger, and that only happens if you make them fight against real and challenging weights and not super funny weights (you know, those that make you laugh while lifting them or while you watch somebody lifting them).

Slow reps vs fast reps: which one will allow to gain more muscle

No!, I already told you it is not about the speed you lift your weights but the weight itself because it has to be very decent and challenging, of course keeping in mind not to exaggerate because the execution technique of every exercise could be compromised and also could be an open door for muscle, bone or articular injuries

So, lifting light weights and doing several reps (even if you do the concentric and excentric movement very slow), that is not the path you must to follow if you want your muscles get better strenght and of course better look (bigger and with lower fat), and why not: better performance.

IT is a good way to lift slow and let down slow a high or challenging weight than do the same thing with a non challenging weight, because what you need to do is to improve that capacity o absolute strenght your muscles have, I mean you need your muscles to be able to fight, stand against and move big weights, big barbells, big dumbbells and other gym equipment that crosses your path.

Traing hard, lift heavy weights if you want big muscles and more strength

The Alactic Energy Mechanism is what you need to activate the most while a super hard training with super decent weights.

That mechanism uses the phosphocreatine as the energy substrate so your muscles can lift high weights, close to the 70%, 80%, 90% of your 1MR (the maximum weight you can use and the one that allows you to do only one repetition in determinated exercise), altough it will be for a short time (10 to 15 seconds more or less.

But really: you do not need more for what you want to achieve).

It is all about lifting those high weights and doing between 8 to 10 repetitions or even less but with a higher weight, and also keeping in mind that the time you mus rest between series and exercises should be 2 minutes or more, so your body can re-use or re-activate the phosphocreatine so the ATP can be synthesized again and again.

Nevertheless, else would say that you want to train in order to gain Lactic Anaerobic Endurance.

If that is the case, then you have to train with less o even the same high weights, but trying to do more repetitions and also trying not to rest more than 90 seconds (the lower the better) between series (sets) and exercises, because what you need in this case is to "explote" your Lactic Energy Mechanism the one that uses glycogen as the energy substrate.

So, to finish, what I want you to keep in mind is that you should train for what you want to achieve, beacuse several people train by doing several reps and set with few rest between reps and sets and exercise, when the only thing they want to achieve is a aesthetic result (big muscles and low fat.

Keeping in mind the low fat is also given by the nutrition part), I mean they do not want to gain Lactic Endurance so it is not necessary to subject the body to that amount of stress.

Remember that is you want bigger and stronger muscles you need to lift challenging weights slow (as slow as you can) and also trying to let them go down again as slow as you can, or a least try to do that excentric part as slow as you can and the concentric part as fast as you can.

You have to keep in mind also the kind of exercise you are trying to do, how comfortable you feel about it.

And adding something to the previous paragraph, I want to say that obviously the nutrition, good lifestyle or good life habits, and also applying some muscle recovery techniques such as massages, muscle stretching, hydrotherapy, etc., is necesary in order to achieve those goals you want to get about muscles gains.

So it is no only about lifting superweights fast or slow and not only is about training super hard against big barbells or dumbbells.

Some people say the hard thing to do to can get big muscles is not training itself but the other things you have to do after a training session and during the whole of the week.

So the diet, the things you have to remember not to do (drinking liqueur, stay awake all night long, smoking, etc.), those are actually the most difficult things to do in order to gain big muscles, low fat levels and of course keeping a good health.

Now lets talk about the training I want you to do supossing you want to look big and strong with low fat levels (the "muscle definition" some people say), no matter if you are a man or woman, beacuse women who want to get a big butt and also nice and big legs, also have to train harder by lifting challenging weights and not only those that allows them (your muscles) to do several repetitions with minimal effort.