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Facorefractive surgery and the trifocal lens to eliminate Presbyopia

What are the symptoms of presbyopia?
Know what is and what is the purpose of a Facorefractive surgery. With this surgical procedure you can recover the quality of your eyesight that has worn away over the years. Know the process to get rid of the glasses that have been with you for so long.

What is Presbyopia?
In people younger than 40 years, the lens or crystalline is constituted mainly by water giving it flexibility to change its form (size, for example), similar to the lens of a camera to focus.

When a person is around 40 years old, the lens begins to lose water and therefore its flexibility decreases and the ability to focus on nearby objects is lost, so this people can only read or see things away with glasses to see them with some clarity.

Presbyopia develops gradually, initially blurred vision when reading or doing some tasks with keeping eyes to close such as threading a needle. Presbyopia subsequently make a person unable to identify the number or person who calls the cel…

Headache during exercise: causes, prevention

When exercising many people experience headaches either during the training session and/or after finishing their training routine that may involve different kinds of physical exercises at cyclical and/or acyclic level that can be established or not with external weights (dumbbells, barbells, etc.).

The headache experienced by people who perform physical exercise, especially those performed at high intensities (anaerobic), often varies its intensity and the area where it manifests.

These headaches are often felt in the front of the skull, sometimes in the occipital side, sometimes in one or both parietal sides, sometimes also on the face, and often in different areas of the skull at the same time.

The most common is that during or at the end of the training routine, this headache feels like a kind of constant beats and variable intensity towards the sides of the skull, while others can feel it also in the front almost below the eyebrows, and in very rare cases this pain is usuall…

Headache and vomiting after functional training?

Did you feel headache, dizziness, and vomiting during a functional training session or in fact you were not able finish it? Recently a reader told me that she had relatively high body fat percentages a few months ago which qualified her as a woman with obesity but not the morbid one, and for a long time afterwards thanks to aerobic cyclic structure workouts (jogging, swimming, etc., performed with moderate or low intensity)...

... and also thanks to an adequate nutritional plan, she had been able to lose certain kilograms of body fat, and after that she decided for the first time (after a few weeks of achieving decent goals in terms of reducing body fat) venturing into a class of what is known as "Functional Training".

Well, before continuing to tell you the experience this reader had in this class that is popularly known today as Functional Training or simply "Functional", I want to express my point of view of this concept, term or name, since it is well used, …

Health problems in children due to the use of technological devices

Spending a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, the TV, tablet, spending a lot of time with the smartphone, causes muscle and joint problems in children, because of the sedentary lifestyle they promote, and also can generate certain psychomotor problems and of course at some psychological level.

And keep in mind that two hours of daily exercise or sports and/or social interaction do not counteract all the negative effects of 4, 5, 6 or more hours of skeletal muscle inactivity (and "isolation" from human contact) beyond the one that can be generated by clicking or pushing some fingers on the touch screens.

Of course it is important for children to learn to use these devices, but the focus on them should be in a smaller proportion compared to physical exercise and sports.

Some people always talk about mental and emotional problems the abuse of social networks and electronic equipment can generate, but few things are discussed about the sequels that already are b…

How to assess and improve your mental health?

How can you improve and assess your mental health? If you feel tired all the time, if you feel bored or have sleep problems, you could be suffering some psychiatric disorder or increasing the risk of suffering it. For this and other reasons I invite you to take the test I will detail in the following paragraphs of the article so you can assess your mental health.

Mental health is defined by some specialists as a state of general well-being that is provided by each person through their actions, which allows to meet the demands of the environment and daily difficulties and, ultimately, gives that ability to deal with life.

Said in a simpler way, it is the absence of disease, which allows you to live, work and love properly. But measuring a person's mental health has been for years a major challenge for the medical profession.

For this reason, researchers from universities around the world and collaborators from the World Health Organization, WHO, decided to design a test to asses…

Drink your protein shake before bed to gain muscle

Drinking your protein powder before you go to sleep will allow you to gain more muscle by synthesizing more proteins. To gain more muscle you should consume on average 40 grams of protein before bedtime to increase muscle protein synthesis.

At least this is what different studies show according to some results of protein intake (Protein shakes) minutes before going to sleep and after having finished some resistance training workout performed precisely stimulate myofibrillar hypertrophy, no matter if this kind of workout training routine was pointing on working muscule resistance to force and/or one that also involves stimulation to improve lactic or alactic anaerobic resistance

Well, in fact it is mentioned an intake of at least 40 grams of protein before bedtime period (before you go to sleep), so that way during the sleep period the protein synthesis can be enhanced and thus this could stimulate a good gain of muscle (myofibrillar muscle hypertrophy) and also the gain of strength…

Protein powder, better with milk or water?

No matter if is a whey protein powder, a beef protein power, an egg protein powder or a vegetarian protein powder, always is better to mix them with water. Never listen what many people tell you about "drinking protein powder with milk is better" because this is totally wrong.

However if you want to gain weight regardless of whether it is also increasing body fat percentages and filling your face with grains, then go ahead and drink it by mixing it with milk and also add some banana and eat some cake too. (The following information is for men and women). At the end of the article I wrote a very interesting conclusion and things to keep in mind.
What happens if you drink your protein powder with milk?
The first thing to know is that your liver is very intelligent and is able to synthesize food even when you eat a lot in a single ingestion, but we should not abuse this valuable organ since the results will be reflected in those pesky a non aesthetic grains that use to appe…

Plastic Surgery Recovery Therapies

The goal of these therapies is to help decrease pain, inflammation and generate a state of general well-being in the patients, facilitating their recovery.

That is why post-surgical therapies, including massage, ultrasound, hyperbaric oxygenation, laser and heat and cold packs, are the best complement for plastic surgery.

But as long as they are indicated by the surgeon and performed by a physiotherapist. This is recommended by experts who warn is better if these therapies start being applied on the second or third day after the surgical procedure and they should be applied daily.

These therapies have to be performed by a physiotherapist so they do not have the opposite effect and end up generating complications and ruining the result of the surgery, the specialists reveal the warnings and recommendations that must be kept in mind.

Hyperbaric oxygenation
It is very used after liposculptures, abdominoplasty, ritidoplastias, breast surgeries and any procedure that involves lifting…

Protein shake with or without carbs after training?

Should I drink my protein shake with or without carbohydrates after my weight workout routine or another high intensity workout routine or after playing sports?

This question arises in many people since they use to believe that the only necessary thing to achieve an optimal recovery in the post-training period and in the rest of the day is by only consuming proteins in this case referring to all kinds of sources (shakes And foods) containing this macro nutrient.

But in this article I'm going to focus on protein shakes or nutritional powder supplements that are simply known as "Proteins" (whey, casein and those also made from meat, soy, etc.), so for practical purposes when you find the word Protein with a capital P you will know I will be referring to these milkshakes or Protein powder nutritional supplements made from another sources of proteins.

Before I continue I want to emphasize that I decided to create this article thanks to the doubt that a reader asked when …

Traveling to undergo plastic surgery: care, risks, evaluation, safety

Many people living in North America (USA, Canada, etc.) and Europe often travel to Colombia with the objective of getting a facial or body plastic surgery to improve their image.

One of the favorite cities to perform this type of surgical procedures is Cali, and many people usually travel in december or another month to enjoy the city per se but many other people only visit it for cosmetic surgery.

"The quality and warmth of attetion provided in Cali, Colombia, besides the low prices they manage to operate compared to the prices foreigners people would pay in their own countries, are the main reasons why many go to Cali and not to another city.

"This is explained by Julio César Escobar, plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Surgical Center of Beauty, CQB and member of the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery and the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery.

Thus, patients from the United States, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, France and the Caribbean Is…


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