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Effect of alcohol on intimacy

The effect of alcohol on the responses of sexual performance. Sex and alcohol are a bad match, they are not good friends. Alcohol abuse can affect sexual response in both men and women. Know the risks of the excess of alcohol and about falling into dependence on the consumption of liquor, because it is very common that both men and women often have to choose to drink this type of drinks to feel safer in bed, especially When a relationship is just beginning.

Actually, the problem is not to drink alcohol moderately and occasionally but the psychological dependence that this factor usually generates in many people, when they do not feel prepared to face the intimate encounter if they have not get drunk yet with some glasses of liquor, and they do not feel that confidance until they do not even feel "cheerful", "caught" or very drunk.

It is not a secret the harmful effect of excess alcohol on health. But what many are unaware of is that apart from exposing you to damage the body, it can also affect sexual health when you fall into abuse. Therefore, although for many sex and alcohol are the perfect mixture, because initially disinhibits and calms anxiety, when you do not know how to handle you can not enjoy this act naturally and with the five senses on as it should be.
As some specialists in couple relationships say, in medical terms it is said that alcohol cheats, because being a stimulant substance accelerates certain processes. In fact the specialists explain that while it increases the libido and favors the excitation, it is also able to affect the sexual response. In men, for example, it alters the metabolism, inhibiting the functioning of the autonomic nervous system responsible for the erection. In addition, when a person is so stimulated it can get blocked by the same excess or alcohol, preventing erection.

On the other hand, in women it can happen that they feel a lot of desire but they do not manage to satisfy themselves and reach orgasm. You can also lose sensitivity in the genitals, because some kind of numbness occurs in that area, which may prevent you from reaching orgasm.

About this problema, some specialists warn that when this happens in a teenager who has more difficulty in metabolizing alcohol or in an older adult, who already have problems in sexual response inherent in age, the effects are further potentiated.

Alcohol dependence and sex activity

Effect of alcohol on intimacy
The other thing to consider is that it does not matter what kind of alcohol is consumed but the quantity, because the more you drink the less favorable the sexual response will be. In a very moderate way it is possible to disinhibit and relax, but if you go beyond the line the person can fall asleep, for example. Ideally, if you decide to mix alcohol with your intimate relationship, do not drink too many glasses to the point of becoming drunk and sometimes even to the point of being half "happy".

In fact, many specialists are emphatic that the other risk that runs apart from altering sexual functioning is that of becoming addicted, that you can not enjoy this act if it is not under the effects of liquor and that the body reaches a State of wear such that it no longer responds.

In these cases the person remains like a puppet or a mannequin handled by the liquor, because he/she has no control of his body or his emotions. In addition, as the lack of erection and orgasm triggers a feeling of frustration, then this leads to believe that consuming more liquor everything else will improve, predisposing to addiction.

It is also known that while drinking and while being drunk man usually becomes more aggressive, which can generate abuse against women as wanting to do things to her alone in his own way. This in turn becomes more vulnerable, because it has the concept that the woman is easier to manipulate when consuming alcohol.

Not to mention that alcohol can induce risky behaviors such as having relationships with strangers and unprotected, so that in the absence of condoms are exposed to venereal diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

In addition, as the person loses consciousness and control, this can cause him/her to fall into promiscuous behaviors, that is, with multiple intimate partners which increases the risks of already mentioned problems. The invitation of the specialists is to try not to abuse. Alcohol is only for use in adults in a responsible and moderate manner (also to avoid other ills that compromise general health and overall wellness).

There is also a call to strengthen self-esteem and to be very clear with whom it is decided to make the dangerous mixture of liquor and intimal relationships. Thus, the next day no member of the couple will have to regret.

Some people, especially women, think the following: "To lie down with someone drunk is the worst, not only because of the stupidity to be borne, but because the person becomes tired and stubborn, as if he did not understand anything. And if you are not drunk too the situation becomes even more unpleasant".

According to some studies, alcohol is responsible for more than 11% of cases of inability to reach orgasm in couples. Alcohol dehydrates, which can complicate lubrication. This problem is more common in premenopausal people or menopause, who already experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes.


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