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Facorefractive surgery and the trifocal lens to eliminate Presbyopia

Know what is and what is the purpose of a Facorefractive surgery. With this surgical procedure you can recover the quality of your eyesight that has worn away over the years. Know the process to get rid of the glasses that have been with you for so long.

What is Presbyopia?

In people younger than 40 years, the lens or crystalline is constituted mainly by water giving it flexibility to change its form (size, for example), similar to the lens of a camera to focus.

When a person is around 40 years old, the lens begins to lose water and therefore its flexibility decreases and the ability to focus on nearby objects is lost, so this people can only read or see things away with glasses to see them with some clarity.

Presbyopia develops gradually, initially blurred vision when reading or doing some tasks with keeping eyes to close such as threading a needle. Presbyopia subsequently make a person unable to identify the number or person who calls the cell phone, text messages, likewise everything that is close, such as Reading books, newspaper, etc.

Who does presbyopia affect?

The appearance of presbyopia is inevitable, begins to manifest itself between the ages of 40 and 45, affects practically 100% of individuals over 50 years and is accentuated over the years.

What is Facorefractive surgery

Facorefractive surgery and the trifocal lens to eliminate Presbyopia What are the symptoms of presbyopia?

It is the correction of eyesight by replacing the hardened lens of the eye, which has lost its power of focus, By a custom Multifocal Infraocular Lens, with which you can focus clearly from far and near.

It is made to eliminate the permanent need to wear glasses or contact lenses, to be able to see up close, is done in people over 50, who do not want to wear glasses or contact lenses, also for those who wish to have a far or near eyesight the same eye and not the mono eyesight, which is laser surgery. Likewise, with facorefractive surgery a person corrects eyesight defects such as myopia and farsightedness.

What are the advantages of facorefractive surgery?

- The eyesight correction is stable and permanent. It prevents the formation of cataracts and eliminates the need for this surgery.
- Eliminates the permanent need to wear glasses and contact lenses.
- The eyesight for near and far is in both eyes (not an eye for far and another for near).
- Backed by the most extensive experience and optimal results.
- Ambulatory surgery.
- Local anesthesia with drops.
- Immediate reincorporation to daily activities.

What people can benefit from Trifocal Multifocal Lens?

This surgery is reserved for people with presbyopia over 50 who have lost the ability to focus on nearby objects, which usually require close-up glasses and for people with cataracts, but it will only be after an ophthalmologic examination when it is determined whether the Patient is fit and has no contraindication to the surgical procedure.

The Facorefractive Surgery is safe?

It is a very safe technique and this depends on the experience of the surgeon, the risks, although they are possible (infection, edema and others), since all surgery involves risk, these are very low and are solved with medications or a new procedure.

Some of the main benefits of modern lens extraction surgery, with multifocal intraocular lens implantation, is that it already has years of proven success worldwide, another is, that unlike other techniques in this case the cornea remains intact. Also, that good eyesight is achieved for all distances and not an eye to see closely and another eye to see from afar, as is done in most other techniques for presbyopia, another no less important advantage is that It will never require cataract surgery, because as the natural lens is removed, there is no chance of developing this disease in the future.

Facorefractive Technique with Trifocal Multifocal Intraocular Lens

It is a fast procedure and without disability. The Facorefractive Surgery consists in:

• In the anatomy of the eye, the outermost part is the cornea, transparent structure, then there is the part that has color: the iris, which has a central opening: the pupil and behind the iris is the lens of the eye, which is the Lens to be replaced.

• First, a 2.0 mm micro-incision is made in the cornea.

• Then a small hole is made in the shell of the lens or capsular bag.

• A handpiece is introduced which, upon contact with the lens core, emits ultrasound waves, which destroys and pulverizes the central part of the lens itself.

• The lens core fragments are then aspirated and the capsular bag is cleaned.

• Injection of a last generation multifocal intraocular lens, TRIFOCAL, which allows it to see well from far, intermediate and near, the lens is made with the material ACRISOF, a material that has the capacity to deform to be able to penetrate the eye, for The micro-incision of 2.0 mm, once injected into the capsular cavity acquires the shape of lens and is positioned where the natural lens of the eye was.

• Surgery does not require suturing.

• Anesthesia is another advance because the subconjunctival anesthesia or outside the eye, anesthetic technique of Dr. Henry Ramirez, which allows an immediate recovery (see Dr. Ramírez YouTube's subconjunctival anesthesia).

Advantages of the Trifocal Multifocal Intraocular lens

• The TRIFOCAL Multifocal Lens, Provides am eyesight of day and night quality; This lens causes little discomfort with light in the evening hours and therefore does not affect nighttime driving activities. The lens is approved by the FDA.

• The TRIFOCAL Multifocal Lens corrects presbyopia permanently and the quality of eyesight is good from far, intermediate and near.

• The next day person can resume normal life, read a book, work with the computer, drive a car by day or night or engage in sports activity.

Source: Health and Life magazine. Dr. Henry Alberto Ramirez (ophthalmologist, Surgeon in Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Cali Ophthalmology Clinic, Colombia, Office 323. Tel: 5520888 - 3205679224).


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