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Plastic Surgery Recovery Therapies

The goal of these therapies is to help decrease pain, inflammation and generate a state of general well-being in the patients, facilitating their recovery. That is why post-surgical therapies, including massage, ultrasound, hyperbaric oxygenation, laser and heat and cold packs, are the best complement for plastic surgery.

But as long as they are indicated by the surgeon and performed by a physiotherapist. This is recommended by experts who warn is better if these therapies start being applied on the second or third day after the surgical procedure and they should be applied daily.

These therapies have to be performed by a physiotherapist so they do not have the opposite effect and end up generating complications and ruining the result of the surgery, the specialists reveal the warnings and recommendations that must be kept in mind.

Hyperbaric oxygenation

It is very used after liposculptures, abdominoplasty, ritidoplastias, breast surgeries and any procedure that involves lifting the skin. It improves the vitality of the skin, promotes healing, disinflames the tissues, helps to remove bruises and prevents necrosis or tissue death. It also provides resistance to germs or bacteria that do not tolerate oxygen. It is applied by lying the patient in a chamber or capsule, where the environment air is extracted because ir only has 20% oxygen, so this is replaced by 100% pure oxygen.

In addition, the atmospheric pressure inside the chamber is two or three times higher so oxygen can reach all cells, even if blood circulation is slow. It takes between 2 and 10 sessions one hour each. But the hyperbaric chamber also has a healing effect, so it can be used in case the surgical wound opens or skin ulcers occur.

Laser Therapy

The laser is ideal for recovering in breast surgeries, liposculptures and abdominoplasty as it has anti-inflammatory effect. In these cases a low power soft laser is used. Between 10 and 20 sessions may be necessary depending on the case. It is recommended to put yourself in good hands for this therapy to avoid risk of burns.

Plastic Surgery Recovery Therapies

Lymphatic massages

They are a good complement to liposculpture in which fat is extracted with a cannula from the areas of the body where it is left over and applied where it is missing. With these massages, it is sought to reduce inflammation on the intervened area through movements towards the lymph nodes, in order to facilitate the elimination of accumulated fluids, such as blood and seromas.

To obtain the expected results, the specialists say that an average of ten sessions are required. According to the patient, one or two daily massages can be done. And then they can be done every other day. Under any circumstances the massage should produce pain, because if this happens this may indicate that it is being done with an inadequate intensity.

Another caveat regarding this therapy is that it is not indicated in breast surgeries because the patient may be suffer complications such as bleeding, failure in healing or rejection of the prosthesis. In fact, when they are "rough", the massages are contraindicated.


Indicated in breast surgery, liposuction and abdominoplasty. It consists of a equipment that emits sound waves at a deep level, pointing to drain accumulated liquids and generating an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it improves healing and eliminates fibrosis or internal scars. "It is recommended from 10 to 15 sessions daily for 15 to 30 minutes each. This therapy does not produce any pain of discomfort. This can be combined with massages in the same session.


It can be applied in procedures such as face lift or rhytidectomy, rhinoplasty or nose surgery, blepharoplasty that corrects the eyelids or in breast surgeries. These are cold or hot packs of bags which are put on the skin and help to reduce inflammation. They should be applied during the first five days after surgery.

During this therapy, bags should not be put directly on the skin, so it is recommended using towels and to change their position every 15 to 20 minutes in order to prevent burns, because as the patient has the anesthetized area by the surgical trauma, he is not able to feel the intensity of the heat or the cold.


• Follow your surgeon's instructions.
• Stay alert forsigns such as headache, fever, bleeding, dizziness, fainting, and shortness of breath, which may indicate some complication.
• Beware of wearing too tight belts, because they can cause burns to the skin, and like this (very tight glasses) also affects the arrival of blood to the tissues that can lead to necrosis or death tissue.
• Keep the rest indicated for each surgery. Stay at least four days at home, and do not risk getting out early or exercising.
• Do not put plasters or creams on the wound, which can affect its healing.


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