Protein powder: is it better to shake with milk or water?

No matter if is a whey protein powder, a beef protein power, an egg protein powder or a vegetarian protein powder, always is better to mix them with water.

Never listen what many people tell you about "drinking protein powder with milk is better" because this is totally wrong.

However if you want to gain weight regardless of whether it is also increasing body fat percentages and filling your face with grains, then go ahead and drink it by mixing it with milk and also add some banana and eat some cake too. (The following information is for men and women).

At the end of the article I wrote a very interesting conclusion and things to keep in mind.

What happens if you drink your protein powder with milk?

The first thing to know is that your liver is very intelligent and is able to synthesize food even when you eat a lot in a single ingestion, but we should not abuse this valuable organ since the results will be reflected in those pesky a non aesthetic grains that use to appear in our faces, back and other parts of our body.

Although not all people are going to generate this, since the grains on the face and other parts of the body may appear also due to other facts such as poor diet or malnutrition, low or no water consumption, drinking alcohol, hormonal changes, etc.

By drinking the protein with milk, whether you do it immediately after training or at any other time of the day, you are doing nothing more than complicate the work of your liver besides to ingest a Caloric excess that will be manifested in the accumulation of body fat mostly in the abdominal abdominal area (adipose tissue).

You will look bigger but in the major percentage because you are starting to accumulate fat in your adipose tissue, including arms, legs and face, among other parts of the body.

Many people will say: "I do not drink supplements like animal or vegetarian protein powders because they use to make my skin get some grains".

Well, how this is not going to happen when they use to mix the protein powder with milk and perhaps their nutrition must be deplorable and excessive with the wrong food (excessive dairy, candies, desserts, etc.).

The power of the protein powders

Protein powder supplements (those of good quality), which should not be called as well because they usually not only contain amino acids (which form proteins) but also contain amounts of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, among other compounds, and bring a "perfect" combination to be mixed with water, because this precious liquid is the universal solvent par excellence.

But you will say: "in the back of the protein packs is indicated that you can drink it with water, milk or any favorite drink".

And yes, it is true because in most supplements, used in order to help increase muscle mass, this is the most frequent indication.

But beware, remember that as part of commercial marketing they just look for you to consume more and more and make you look more "bigger", so that way you decide to continue drinking it.

Then, the titles they (companies who make this protein powders) put on their packs, titles such as "increase your muscle mass" or "start to gain muscle in two weeks", among others, are nothing but something that can be very confusing, so that way they can take advantage of people who believe that gaining weight Is the same as gaining muscle mass, which is totally wrong.

The companies that manufacture these supplements knowing that this confusion is common in most people wether they have some experience or none at the "gym life".

This is why you will never see in an commercial for these supplements saying: "gain weight in 1 month" or "increase your muscle mass and body fat in weeks".

But if you are looking for a supplement that makes you look bigger no matter if you look "fatty", go ahead, drink the protein powder as I mentioned in the first paragraph (with milk and also some banana) and continue "eating like a beast beast".

Why is it better to mix the protein powder with water and not with milk or other beverages?

1. As I mentioned, water is the universal solvent, then any solute or compound added to it (including protein powder) it will dissolve better which facilitates a more efficient absorption by our body, besides that by itself water (also consumed throughout the day and during workout routines) improves the blood circulation remarkably, which allows the optimal transport of nutrients (to be able to be absorbed) to our whole body, and also speeds up the transportation of toxins and other wastes to be easily expelled.

2. I also said that most of these supplements (protein powders), of good quality, already bring a "perfect" combination and also a "perfect" dosage recommended to drink. What they do not recommend very well is with what kind of beverage to mix it with.

I have already explained this in the previous paragraphs, and also I want to add that the protein powder shake should be consumed when the body really need ir and that will be when it (our body) has low nutrients levels, and this usually happens after training and when we wake up (beacuse when pass through several hours of fasting).

3. Water allows the absorption of this kind of protein supplements and a more efficient way and as quick as possible and in the most optimal (not wasting) way, which does not happen when mixing it with milk or other beverages.

Do not even dare to add some fruit to it, since another extra sugar could damage this balance by compromising the absorption of this valuable (and sometimes costly) protein powder supplement.

However, if the Protein (supplement) you have is a zero or low carbs and if it is poor or zero in vitamin B6 (very important vitamin for protein synthesis), it may be necessary to add a banana, mixing everything only with water.

Then, after consuming your protein shake with the banana and water, you should wait for 40 to 60 minutes to eat your post-workout food.

Of course, this option can vary according to the energy requirements of each person.

The important thing is that everything (Protein and banana) is always mixed only with water.

As advice or additional information I want to say that before adding anything more to this protein supplement, as it could be some creatine, glutamine, BHA, BCAA´s, among others, first look that your protein supplement does not already contain them, this you will know it by taking a look at the nutritional information in the back of the pack.

If your supplement contains all or some of them the avoid adding excess things that are just going to be wasted and that may cause liver or kidney problems or at least cause them a hard and unnecessary work.

Remember that protein powders (the good quality ones) already come very "complete" and ready to be mixed only with water. Adding some other supplement, in a moderate way, only when your protein supplement does not contain it.

Anyway if you do not believe in what I say or if you still have doubts, you can experience for yourself or even tell me how you are doing.

If you need any recommendations or even have any other questions, do not hesitate to comment because I have a Degree in Physical Education and Sports with emphasis in Physiology and Sports Nutrition and I am a fitness instructor. Greetings.

Conclusions and things to keep in mind about protein powders

I did not mentioned acne is caused by taking your protein powder shake with milk, because this is something completely different than the "grains" that I mention at the beginning of this article.

Acne is mainly caused due to bacterial infections in our skin which usually are about "skin-to-skin" infections (very rare cases) or because the person do not take care nor apply good grooming of the skin, as well as overuse of make-up.

The "grains" can be produced by acne as such because this is its most common manifestation, but acne can also manifest as spots, red patches, closed comedones, etc.

Then, acne appears when the holes in the skin are obstructed, and each hole or pore has a hair and a sebaceous gland.

The sebaceous glands excrete a type of oil to remove old skin cells and keep the skin soft. So drinking the protein shake with milk or water does not cause acne.

Then, if there is excessive feeding in saturated fats, more oil the sebaceous gland will have to produce, and therefore the pores can become clogged. Hence, it tends to accumulate dirt, bacteria and dead cells.

Hormonal changes can also lead to increased fat production.

In conclusion, the poor diet generated by an excess of saturated fats consumed (protein supplement with milk, for example), can cause a greater fat accumulation and therefore put to work more the sebaceous glands and tend to increase the risks of the appearance of grains (although I have to say this may not occur in all people).

So a way to avoid this (besides drinking your protein shake only with water) is to keep the skin neat and avoid an excessive diet in saturated fats and refined sugars (they can also be converted to fats), because we will not always have time to clean our skin when it suits us.

In addition, drinking water throughout the day and also in breaks between training series with weights (not waiting to feel thirsty to drink it) is essential to help eliminate toxins and free radicals.