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Prostate cancer: diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, prevention and more

In this article you will find what is prostate cancer, which are the risk factors, what type of symptoms a person suffer when prostate cancer shows up, diagnosis and classification for this type of cancer, people who should to try the test to detect this disease early, the stages of this disease, among other things.

What is the prostate?
It is a gland of the male reproductive tract located in the lower urinary tract, below the bladder, which surrounds the urethra (conduit through which urine leaves).

The prostate is responsible for producing part of the fluid that makes the semen, contains smooth muscle that contracts to expel the semen during ejaculation.

A normal prostate is the size of a grape, has an approximate volume of 15-25 cc and grows as the men grow older, this can hinder the exit of urine from the bladder causing urinary symptoms. The medical term given to a prostate that has increased in size is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH).

It is very different to have hyperpl…

Fat burning and better physical performance with Carnitine consumption

Carnitine or better known as L-carnitine (L indicates that it is for human consumption) is sold as a fat burner supplement and / or physical-sport performance enhancer.

But even though, its exogenous consumption (through pastes, softgels, powders, etc.) could increase their levels in the blood plasma, results in physical / sports performance and fat burning do not change significantly, or at least not those that have to do with physical / sport performance.

L-carnitine can be found even as a component of Proteins (protein powders) that are usually marketed as "a supplement for the definition phase" ... companies make people to believe that they are specific components, ideal and very efficient in allowing the muscular "definition" by means of the "magic" reduction of the levels of body fat.

At the same time, carnitine is also promoted as a supplement that strengthens training, which would be rooted in the alleged increase in fat burning during and afte…

Drinking alcohol after exercise is bad for muscles and health?

Drinking alcohol after the weight lifting workout routine or another type of exercise is bad for muscles and health? Drinking alcoholic beverages (beer, Whisky, etc.) after exercise may not be harmful for health, muscle mass or fat burning as long as you do not abuse its consumption, especially talking about sweet flavored alcoholic beverages (The different types of liquors that exist such as Brandy, Whisky, Brandy, Tequila, Vodka, among others) and beer.

Well, actually beer can also be considered as a type of sweet flavored alcoholic beverage although its taste is usually very bitter, mainly because they have carbohydrates. What happens is that the more bitter beers bring less simple carbohydrates than beers that have sweet flavors (eg Redds beer, cola and pola, among others).

We could say then that the excess of alcohol could interfere with the body's overall muscle recovery after exercise, and that the excess of carbohydrates (especially those of the simple type: the sweet fl…


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