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Why when I go to dance my legs and butt get thinner?

Do you train hard for a whole week, you gain good muscle volume in your legs and buttocks, but when it comes to facing a weekend of party and dance, your ass and legs get really thinner? ... or do you feel like if all the hard work done at the gym would have been thrown away in a single night?

Yes, it usually happens. Both men and women usually suffer with this kind of problem, usually during a night of dancing and worse: during the other day ... they often notice that their legs and buttocks have reduced their volume somewhat (either at a fat or muscular level, but mainly muscle level). In men sometimes they also notice "shrinking" or "thinning" also in arms, chest and shoulders.

But, well, here I will focus on explaining why your legs and also your buttocks tend to get thinner a few hours after you get home after a good few hours of dancing, and also in the next day. And how could you reduce this situation.

For example: how you could avoid that by the fact of …

Does caffeine improve performance during weight training?

It is all about caffeine, since there is coffee decaffeinated, meaning that the amount of caffeine they have is quite low or indeed zero. Although, if the coffee you drink in the morning and / or another time of day is normal and well loaded with caffeine, then here is this article you will realize how good it is to consume this caffeine-laden coffee before you go to the gym to apply your weight training routine.

It must be taken into account that coffee has other beneficial properties for health because it provides some vitamins and minerals. Usually good for promoting good digestion.

Some people claim to attribute effects on prevention against colon cancer. Of course these properties are attributed to coffee with and without caffeine.

In this article I will discuss the effects of caffeine consumption in the pre-workout period, that is, the effects that caffeine can promote in the body to help it perform better during the strength workout, to help reduce fatigue symptoms, to hel…

Benefits and prejudices of coffee

Is it good or bad to drink coffee? Will the coffee make you nervous? Will the consumption of coffee improve my attention, intelligence? These are some questions that arise regarding the daily or occasional intake of this drink that has a very pleasant aroma as well as its flavor.

Drinking coffee is good, but you should do it with moderation. Keep in mind that although coffee is attributed with many beneficial properties for health and these are already being widely accepted by scientists, you must consider drinking it in moderation.

Remember that all or at least almost everything in excess can result in negative side effects for health.

Eventually we could feel really tired in some point in a random day, and that's when we start serving with the big spoon certain things we like, such as coffee (for example in hours of extreme tiredness where we must continue with a high degree of efficiency performing our daily activities) because due to its good contribution of caffeine, it di…

Protein powder before or after the weight training routine. When would be better?

Is it better to drink protein shakes before training or after training? Or will it actually be good to take the Protein both before and after the weight training routine? These questions will be answered based on two studies that I will analyze briefly and easy to understand so that you can "draw" your own conclusions about this topic.

Keep in mind that nutrition is a pillar of extreme importance in terms of overall health and of course when it comes to being able to perform in optimal conditions a workout routine and when we want our body to recover optimally after it is finished, both in the hours after (in the same day) as in the following days.

Supplements considered as Proteins, protein shakes, protein powders or gym supplements, can help both enhance training as well as recovery of the body after having undergone this high degree of stress (high intensity training).

Pre- versus post-exercise protein intake has similar effects on muscular adaptations
Well, this subt…


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