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What Protein powder should I Take if It's my first time?

If is the first time you are going to take a protein shake (powdered protein supplements) or also known as gym supplements or simply Proteins, there really is not much you need to know to start nourishing yourself and being able to cover your energy requirement faster and easier from a high intensity activities or training sessions.

Here I will mention what are the proteins for beginners or newbies at the gym, both men and women and both younger (yes, underage persons can also take protein shakes) and adults, since these (protein powders) are composed of macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and sometimes also fats) and some also contain certain amounts of micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

That is it, they do not contain compounds like anabolic steroids that directly affect the endocrine system, that is why I mentioned that they can also be consumed by underage persons.

I will also mention what should be taken into account in order to know when to start taking protein sha…

Tips to build muscle: for skinny guys and girls

¿How skinny men and women should train, eat and behave in order to gain big muscles? Here I will show some tips for thin people to Increase Muscle Mass. I will explain how to go from bony to beastly, how to achieve this skinny to muscle transformation.

Increase your muscle mass with the tips I will mention throughout this article and also by applying the workout routines I will leave at the bottom to gain weight in muscle mass. Now, you may have wondered why you can not gain weight in muscle when you train at the gym or practice a specific sport?

It is really frustrating, in most cases, not to be able to see the aesthetic (and sometimes performance) results you want, even when you train like a beast (man or woman) at the gym, a park, in Your home, a fitness center, etc., doing exercises that at least theoretically should help you to gain weight to increase your muscle mass.

Even when you lift or move heavy weights, even when you are the first to get to your sports training and the…

Is it good for a woman to lift weights?

Benefits for Women when they lift weights. There are a lot of reasons why women should workout hard by lifting some decent weights in order to gain muscles, burn fat but also to improve their health in many ways.

Believe me when I say many men have opined that a woman with non-exaggerated muscles (like women shown in the image below) and with low percentages of fat, is very attractive. Or even with not so low percentages of body fat.

Women can workout not only to have bigger butt and legs but also to have a sexy back (not a masculine one). Keep in mind that just as men must workout their legs (Although many men get lazy when they have to train these areas).

Women should be concerned on training upper part of their body: chest, back, shoulder and arms, and obviously the abdominals that not only serve to give a beautiful figure, but also to strengthen this area and protect it from future injuries from weightlifting.

Not afraid to gain weight by lifting weights
A trick that many wom…

Diseases you can prevent with exercise

Lack of constant physical exercise can cause many diseases. Here I will mention the diseases that can be originated or aggravate due to physical inactivity or a sedentary lifestyle.

I will also mention some studies that show how the fact of exercising can reduce the risk of suffering many diseases considered as Chronic and Non-Transmittable . Look at all the diseases that prevent exercise.

Before continuing, I want to clarify that Not necessarily the term "sedentarism" is associated with physical inactivity, since in itself it is a state or a decision that a person or social group takes to settle down to live in one place ... but This does not indicate a total lack of exercise ... NOTE: exercising regularly will help you prevent all diseases that I will mention below.

However, currently the term sedentarism usually has this connotation related to the physical inactivity, reason why in this article for practical terms I will mention both terms ("Physical inactivity&…

Why am I sweating so much when I workout, is it normal?

Why when I start exercising do I tend to sweat so much? Will it be good or will it be bad? Why some people sweat more than others during the workout routine? If you are one of those people who sweat too much when they exercise, even if they only go for a walk or jog at a moderate level indoor or outdoor (under the he sun or at night), it is not necessarily a bad thing or due to some health problem .

Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Exercise? Of course these exaggerated levels of sweat will tend to increase as the intensity of the workout or training increases, since for obvious reasons will generate alterations in homeostasis that cause "yes or yes" our body to lose more and more water (and often also high amounts of minerals such as sodium and potassium, mainly).

Does Sweating More Mean You're More Fit? Because for example high performance athletes or ordinary people who have a good level of fitness tend to sweat a lot to decrease the loss of minerals... or at least that i…

How to clean my penis to avoid fungal infections and bad odors?

What soap to use to clean my penis? In order to keep your penis clean, looking good and with a nice smell (well, its natural smell) your need to use a Syndet, which in some countries it is known as "the soap without soap" or as the better alternative to clean your body and penis without causing any alteration to the pH of this areas in order to avoid infections,

To clean the "trunk", glans, neck, corona, urethra and foreskin of your penis, it is recommended that you use a Syndet Soap or only known as Syndet. This "soap substitute" does not irritate or alter the pH of your penis or the rest of your body.

Conventional soaps that are usually relatively cheap and used for cleaning the rest of the body and often also the penis, whether they are used in bars or liquids, these, cheap, "regular" and conventional soaps are not recommended for you to clean your male member (also not recommended for vaginal cleaning) since its pH is usually either neut…

Musclemeds Carnivor (Isolate and Mass): review and opinions

Is Carnivor good if I want to gain muscle mass? Does Carnivor taste like meat? These and other questions that are generated based on this protein supplement will be answered in this article, also of course I will expose my opinion already having taken this Protein for more than 6 months in its versions both Isolate and Mass ... NOTE: the Carnivor can be consumed by men and women.

The first thing I want to comment is the fact of its taste. Musclemeds Carnivor does not taste like meat, does not taste like any other salty food, does not taste bad.

In fact it has a pleasant taste at least in its presentation with chocolate flavor. The most important thing is that it does not have a "gooey" flavor and does not generate that feeling of "fullness" that other Mass Gainer (or "clean" proteins) both types beef and whey proteins can generate.

In fact its flavor and its texture I find them quite pleasant, fairly easy to digest. Something curious that I want to co…

Meditation: what is it? What are the benefits? How do you begin to meditate?

Meditation prevents the manifestation of some diseases. It is amazing how meditation can do so much to maintain a good state of health in our body. Meditation emerges as an efficient tool to combat stress, to fight against the negative thoughts and energies that can make us sick.

It is a popular mistake that people living in the West side of the globe believe that meditating is about being able to "put the mind blank": achieving that state of not thinking at all.

However, it is very opportune to mention that meditation is a set of practices or actions that anyone can apply which its main objective is to make our mind reaches certain more constructive and perhaps also more productive levels.

Meditation is a tool or a very powerful technique since it also helps us to boost our inner energy, to relax and give us peace for a moment ... this practice, if it is kept as something daily or routine, can allow us to face and solve in a more efficient and constructive way those pro…


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