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How to clean my penis to avoid fungal infections and bad odors?

What soap to use to clean my penis? In order to keep your penis clean, looking good and with a nice smell (well, its natural smell) your need to use a Syndet, which in some countries it is known as "the soap without soap" or as the better alternative to clean your body and penis without causing any alteration to the pH of this areas in order to avoid infections,

To clean the "trunk", glans, neck, corona, urethra and foreskin of your penis, it is recommended that you use a Syndet Soap or only known as Syndet. This "soap substitute" does not irritate or alter the pH of your penis or the rest of your body.

Conventional soaps that are usually relatively cheap and used for cleaning the rest of the body and often also the penis, whether they are used in bars or liquids, these, cheap, "regular" and conventional soaps are not recommended for you to clean your male member (also not recommended for vaginal cleaning) since its pH is usually either neutral (equal to 7) or alkaline (higher than 7).

Usually the penis has a pH lower than 7, so it is acid. This pH value can vary or oscillate between 4.5 and 5.5 ... maybe in some people it is higher and in others lower, but it will always be lower than the neutral if the guy is healthy ... So, the pH of the penis will always has to be acid, which is essential to prevent the proliferation of fungi, bacteria or other infections (Venerable or sexually transmitted diseases are a separate item).

The types of soaps to be used to clean the penis and prevent bad odors, fungi and infections

How to clean my penis to avoid fungal infections and bad odors?
NOTE: Remember that if you have any type of sexually transmitted disease, no matter how acidic the soap you use is, it will not help eradicate the spots, warts, rashes or irritations that can be caused by certain types of diseases such as herpes, syphilis , Gonorrhea, among others. For these you will have to take some medicines that your doctor will recommend you.

As I mentioned, the best soap to clean or "wash" all parts of your penis (glans, urethral, ​​corona, trunk and foreskin) are the famous Syndet´s. Usually those products have a pH equal to 5.5 or lower. They are essential to keep the pH of your penis low (acid) and avoid the most common infections such as balanitis.

The "bad" of Syndet's is that they are usually very expensive. For example a bar of common soap that you get on either side can cost No more than 2 American dollars, while a bar of the same size as a Syndet of the brand Ucerin, for example, can cost between 10 and 12 US dollars ... And usually you only get them in drugstores.

What you can do to make this Syndet soap last enough is to use it only to clean or "wash" your penis, since if you use it both for your body and for your penis then it will not last even a week ... although if you You can afford to buy more than $ 40 USD per month just in soaps, so go ahead ...

... since the ideal is that we also could wash the skin of the rest of our body with this type of soap (Syndet), since it should also be kept at relatively low pH (relatively acid between 5.5 and 6.0) to also prevent irritations, infections , Fungi, etc.

For the above mentioned, or rather if you are of those who do not have super economic situation, then do as I do: buy a Syndet liquid soap from a brand not as expensive as the Eucerin brand can be ... you can Buy a presentation of 250 mL or 500 mL ... and you will use it only on your penis (glans, urethra, trunk, etc.).

I, for example, use the Soyl Syndet liquid of 500 mL which cost me approximately US $ 19, and so far it has lasted more than a year ... of course, because I use it only to clean my penis and sometimes I also use it to wash my face after an occasional and "irritating" shave.

Before this Soy Syndet, I used bar soap and Eucerin liquid soap but they are usually more expensive. So I opted to try another brand and I went by the aforementioned and until now it has not let me down. It was a good investment.

How should you clean or "wash" your penis?

The first thing you should try to do is to leave the cleaning of your penis for the last moment when you are taking a shower, especially if you are going to use two types of soaps because you want to throw economy... So I mean using the conventional soap (cheap) for the rest of your body and the Syndet for Your penis cleaning ... also try while you are cleaning the rest of your body that the conventional soap foam does not fall on the glans of your penis because this can irritate it.

When you have washed and "rinsed" the rest of your body, proceed to clean of your penis with the Syndet that you have bought. NOTE: if it is liquid, it could not only last longer but also be more hygienic.

A single small and very small drop of this Syndet will enough. Apply it first on the head of your penis (glans, urethra and corona) and rub it gently and cosntnante until foam is generated (well, it is not really foam but it is something very similar) ... and then proceed to rub the rest of your penis (trunk and foreskin) for 15 to 20 seconds (no more time required) ...

... then be sure to rinse your penis very well with only water (either cold or hot). You know that if you want to go economically, then, for the rest of your body yo should use a conventional soap (I use Dove Men Care Clean Comfort) ... but try not to rub your skin with a towel or a sponge but simply Pass your hands with a small force to remove "superficial" impurities, foaming.

The problem of using a conventional soap or "cheap" on the skin of the rest of your body (and worse if you use it on the glans of your penis) is that it rises the pH (makes it more alkaline)... That will be worse if you in addition rub hard your skin with a towel, scouring pad, sponge or other rough or hard implement since that way you would also be damaging in some way your epidermis, increasing the risk of further weakening these areas.

Finally ... once you get out of the shower, dry your entire body well before putting on your clothes ... mainly dry your penis well, either by wiping a clean towel gently on the glans and trunk, or else you ventilate it with the same towel or other garment until the water evaporates completely.

Keep in mind that moisture is a factor that triggers the bad odors, fungi and the bad aspect of your penis. For this reason you should clean it thoroughly with the syndet, rinse it and then dry it before putting on your underwear.

What if you can not buy a Syndet?

In this case it is better that you clean your penis (glans, urethra, trunk, etc.) only by applying abundant water and while rub yor penis in a not very abrupt form. This is better than conventional soaps because they can alter the aforementioned pH.

But man, try to make the investment. A Syndet you could get it for only 19 dollars and it could last a year (in fact you can make it to last longer) ... ir is something that will keep your penis healthy, with good appearance, good smell ... something that will also help prevent the bad appearance, fungi and common infections .

This is highly recommended especially if you exercise often since sweating this area usually generates a very unpleasant odor and is also an area of ​​greater risk for bacterial proliferation ... for this reason maybe in this case could be not Enough a simple cleaning with only water.


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