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Why am I sweating so much when I workout, is it normal?

Why when I start exercising do I tend to sweat so much? Will it be good or will it be bad? Why some people sweat more than others during the workout routine? If you are one of those people who sweat too much when they exercise, even if they only go for a walk or jog at a moderate level indoor or outdoor (under the he sun or at night), it is not necessarily a bad thing or due to some health problem .

Why Do I Sweat So Much When I Exercise? Of course these exaggerated levels of sweat will tend to increase as the intensity of the workout or training increases, since for obvious reasons will generate alterations in homeostasis that cause "yes or yes" our body to lose more and more water (and often also high amounts of minerals such as sodium and potassium, mainly).

Does Sweating More Mean You're More Fit? Because for example high performance athletes or ordinary people who have a good level of fitness tend to sweat a lot to decrease the loss of minerals... or at least that is what some physiologists say.

Of course the fact of sweating like a beast has to do much with the efficient system of thermoregulation that our body applies to avoid that we suffer a heat stroke and becasuse of that therefore we may lose consciousness and in extreme cases to experiment a sudden death

So, does sweating mean that I'm improving my fitness?

Increased Sweating During Exercise? Well, the first thing you need to do to answer this question is to evaluate your lifestyle habits. Why do you think you sweat so much? Because hyperhidrosis can also be due to high contamination of blood plasma and also to high levels of stress (work, academic, emotional, etc.).

How can a contaminated blood plasma make me sweat so much during exercise?

When your blood is saturated with all the garbage you can get through for example from cigarettes, other PSA substances, and also because of your deplorable diet, it simply becomes more and more viscous and this will make you sweat like a beast or pig during your training session.

What does it mean that a blood plasma is viscous and how is this related to sweating like a pig while I am exercising?

That is simple: the the more viscous, saturated and "heavy" your blood plasma is, more and more it will find it difficult to pass or circulate through the arterial walls to try to travel to the most distant spaces, organs and muscles of your body.

If this happens, simply the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your body will be seriously compromised, so your degree of stress or "despair" will increase even more.

All these factors, ie, "high stress" and "saturated and viscous blood plasma", increase the friction and pressure generated on arterial walls, which from the physical point of view would generate more heat (How many meters or feets of arteries do you consider exist in your body?).

And if that was not enough, to this factor we have to add the loss of water that already your body suffers both from the simple fact of breathing and the fact that it has to work harder to prevent your body temperature increases to dangerous levels. So you sweat yes or yes to "squirt" while you exercise.

That is: you contaminate your blood with deplorable food, substances that you know are bad for your health, and also you submit to high intensity workouts that further alter the homeostasis of your cells.

Because it is, and your body is considerably altered its homeostasis when you eat junk foods (sausages, dairy products, fruits, refined simple sugars, etc.).

Even more so when you drink large amounts of liquor and smoke considerable amounts of cigarettes ... it will be bad for you even if you smoke one cigar per day and even if it is the lightest of all light cigarettes.

If all of these factors add up to the fact that you probably still do not have a good physical condition, either because you are noobie, because you come from a very sedentary life, because you have any condition like fatty overweight, obesity or morbid obesity, among other... then the amounts of sweating will be higher and also the lost of minerals.

... then your organism will make you sweat in large amounts when you are willing to perform physical exercise, even if the intensity of it is not very high.

This will happens at least until you get good physiological adaptations over the course of the weeks or hard and appropriate training sessions, that may not significantly reduce the amount of sweat you produce while training, but at least will reduce the high losses of electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium).

Do not feel shame when you sweat a lot during your workout routine, since it is normal as long as you know that you do not have bad habits and because you also have a good time training and you feel good in general.

Because it would be bad for you when you have being exercising for several months (weights, crossfit, sports, calisthenics, climbing, functional training, etc.) but in all this time, during the session and during the rest of the day, you never felt good in general. In addition to suffering the fact of sweating in an "abnormal" (so to speak).

Can I do something to avoid sweating so much while I exercise?

It may be impossible to control this excess sweating, or at least it will be by ways that are easy to apply, because to control it there are cosmetic surgeries (such as MiraDry surgery), although the bad thing about these is that many times cause a person to stop Of sweating in certain parts but that causes that the sweat increases in other parts (to compensate). Of course, this bad reaction does not happen in all people (it would be like a lottery).

The first thing to do is to avoid the bad habits mentioned above (to avoid contaminating your blood), avoid eating junk foods, avoiding consuming liquor (at least in excess) and smoking and / or consuming other PSAs (Psychoactive substances), and of course to avoid high levels of work, academic, emotional stress, etc.

Another factor that sometimes makes a person sweat too much during his training session is wearing very tight, bulky clothes that cover the body a lot. Even if you exercise under the sun, if you need to wear clothes that cover the largest area of ​​skin, try they are loose clothes (that do not adhere to your body) and light.

The other thing would have to do with the use of towels so that you are constantly cleaning up these large amounts of sweat that you usually generate, so that way you do not bother or disturb other people when, for example, you leave your mark of water in some machine of the gym or sports center that you attended.

Now: remember that sweating does not mean you're burning fat in high amounts.


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