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Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs

Exercises to get bigger glutes and legs with and without weights. Glutes workout routine for bigger legs too. If you do not have time to go to a gym or if you are lazy to leave home, with this workout routine you can stimulate the growth of your butt, legs and also indirectly tone other muscles such as those located in the core area (abdominals, dorsal, lumbar etc.).

These are exercises that do not require weight lifting, exercises that you can perform with your own body weight so that you can tone and gain volumen on these buttocks, tone them... but also to allow your legs to grow in tandem with your glutes ... So that you have a large, toned and well formed butt as well as attractive legs.

... Because it seems not so aesthetic when a woman has a very big butt and very thin legs, as for example happen with those women who choose undergo a glutes surgery (butt lift surgery) but after that they do not do something to workout their legs in order to make them grow (increase muscle volume and strength) ... so try to apply these exercises to increase hips, buttocks and legs at home... do not be lazy

The weightless workout routine you can perform at home in order to get bigger legs and bigger butt

NOTE 1: before starting the home exercises to get bigger legs and butt, it is prudent to perform a small warm up with joint mobility exercises and then "small stretches Unstained", ie small rebounds of stretching and muscle retraction ... and then at the end of the routine apply sustained stretching exercises (holding each position for 10 to 20 seconds) to stimulate relaxation and subsequent muscle recovery.

NOTE 2: These exercises are relatively simple but at the same time quite efficient, which will allow you to enlarge your legs and your butt muscles at the same level ... These are four exercises people can apply (in this case mainly women, but also Men can apply this workout routine) with a beginner and intermediate level.

NOTE 3: After 4 to 8 weeks of performing this workout routine without lifting weights, you can then venture to buy dumbbells with adjustable weights to make the workout more demanding and thus achieve better results. Keep in mind first you need to start and adapt to train without lifting weights and after the time mentioned (4 - 8 weeks) you may venture to add weights as shown in the pictures where I will explain the exercises.

NOTE 4: You may be able to think about buying a basic home workout kit that contains a fitball, gym mat and dumbbells, which can range from $ 30 USD to about $ 40 USD ... This taking into account that sooner or later your body will require greater stimulation to achieve better adaptations, in this case talking about gaining more muscular volume in buttocks (to improve the rounded form of the butt) and legs and / or better toning and greater strength.

The exercises to apply in the workout routine

First exercise: squats.
Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs
As I mentioned before, if you have never trained or if you have not done it for a long time, then start with the weightless squat which is illustrated on the right side of the previous image. Then you can venture to perform this exercise with dumbbell or barbell if you note that the results obtained with the squat without weights are not what you wanted ... taking into account that many women require a more demanding workout to increase the muscle volume of the glutes and the legs.

Second exercise: hip lifts or also known as bridges.
Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs
If you are a beginner you must perform this exercise by placing your feet on the ground. When you have a higher level, you can venture to perform these hip lifts (bridges) by placing your feet on a fitball or at least on a seat or table so you can generate a greater degree of difficulty and a greater stimulation of the muscles involved (glutes, quadriceps, biceps femoral, abdominal, dorsal, lumbar, etc.).

Third exercise: Lunges.
Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs
In this exercise, a repetition is completed when both legs become flexed to the front. That is, you flex with one leg, you stop, you send the other leg forward, you flex with this other leg, you stop, and that would be a repetition. You can also after a time of 4 to 6 weeks think of including weights (dumbbells, barbells) to generate greater degree of difficulty and try to increase the size of your butt and legs.

Fourth Exercise: Plank (hold position for a time between 30 seconds and 60 seconds or more when you get more level).
Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs
Remember to keep the position very well as shown in the pictures. Focus the contraction on your abdomen, buttocks and legs. This exercise is very good for muscle toning of the mentioned areas and of course it also adds some strength to the upper part of your body. When you have a higher level you can try to put your legs in something higher like a fitball, a table, seat, etc.

How to perform this exercises to increase the volume of your butt and legs

The first thing to keep in mind is that it is not a division by days established on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc., but on Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5 and so on until Day 30 that would be an approximate time of one month ... so if one day you can not train you will know that you will workout the corresponding day number when you can... Try not to rest more than 2 days in a row.

NOTE 1: The most important thing is to try not to rest more than two days in a row.

NOTE 2: It is all about performing only one set of one of the mentioned exercises according to the number of repetitions established... when you have more level perhaps you may apply more sets to each exercise (2 or 3 cycles)

NOTE 3: The rest time between exercises varies according to your level, but ideally this time should oscillate between 30 and 90 seconds.

Day 1: 15 squats, 5 bridges, 10 lunges and plank time.
Day 2: 20 squats, 5 bridges, 10 lunges and plank time.
Day 3: 25 squats, 10 bridges, 15 lunges and plank time.
Day 4: 25 squats, 10 bridges, 15 lunges and plank time.
Day 5: 30 squats, 10 bridges, 20 lunges and plank time.
Day 6: 30 squats, 15 bridges, 20 lunges and plank time.
Day 7: 35 squats, 15 bridges, 20 lunges and plank time.
Day 8: 35 Squats, 20 bridges, 25 lunges and plank time.
Day 9: 35 Squats, 20 bridges, 25 lunges and plank time.
Day 10: 40 squats, 20 bridges, 30 lunges and plank time.
Day 11: 40 squats, 25 bridges, 30 lunges and plank time.
Day 12: 45 squats, 25 bridges, 30 lunges and plank time.
Day 13: 45 squats, 30 bridges, 35 lunges and plank time.
Day 14: 50 squats, 30 bridges, 35 lunges and plank time.
Day 15: 50 squats, 30 bridges, 40 lunges and plank time.
Day 16: 55 squats, 35 bridges, 40 lunges and plank time.
Day 17: 55 squats, 35 bridges, 40 lunges and plank time.
Day 18: 55 squats, 40 bridges, 45 lunges and plank time.
Day 19: 60 Squats, 40 bridges, 45 lunges and plank time.
Day 20: 60 squats, 40 bridges, 50 lunges and plank time.
Day 21: 65 squats, 45 bridges, 50 lunges and plank time.
Day 22: 65 squats, 45 bridges, 50 lunges and plank time.
Day 23: 65 Squats, 50 bridges, 55 lunges and plank time.
Day 24: 70 squats, 50 bridges, 55 lunges and plank time.
Day 25: 70 squats, 50 bridges, 60 lunges and plank time.
Day 26: 70 squats, 55 bridges, 60 lunges and plank time.
Day 27: 75 Squats, 55 bridges, 65 lunges and plank time.
Day 28: 75 Squats, 60 bridges, 65 lunges and plank time.
Day 29: 80 Squats, 60 bridges, 70 lunges and plank time.
Day 30: 90 Squats, 60 bridges, 70 lunges and plank time.

Final aspects to keep in mind with this workout routine

Weightless Workout routine for bigger butt and bigger legs
1. The ideal is that you can meet the number of repetitions established per exercise on each of the days mentioned, even if you can not do it without resting, ie if for example on the 17th you only perform 40 squats in a row, Then rest for a few seconds and continue until the 55 squats are completed.

2. When you accomplish day number 30 in a satisfactory way, then you can try to maintain this number of repetitions if you are satisfied with the results obtained, or increase the number of repetitions gradually, or to include others Exercises or test the same exercises by adding weights (dumbbells, bars, etc.)... or perform more sets per exercise (adding more cycles).

3. When you decide to add weights, first look at how heavy these dumbbells or barbells are. Then dedicate one day to perform a number of repetitions to the failure of each exercise. From these results you proceed to calculate the MR for this weight, ie if, for example, with a dumbbell of 2 kg each, for example yo performed 50 squats, you then start again from day 1 with 30% of this reps MR, that means 15 repetitions ... and so you gradually increase the repetitions with the same weight as the training days progress.

4. It is very important not to wait until you get thirsty to drink water. Before warming up, before doing the exercises (squats, lunges, bridges, planks), during breaks between exercises and at the end, you must drink this precious liquid. Small sips may suffice because it is also not good for you to "suck up" a lot of water during your workout.

5. Applying good habits of life are crucial to achieve good results, such as adequate nutrition, good sleep, avoid excess nighttime, avoid cigarette, avoid alcohol, etc.

6. You must be patient and persevering. Keep in mind that this workout routine will not take you a lot of time a day (no more than 30 minutes), and also keep in mind that you will not see surprising results in few days, but still be always motivated and patient.

7. Train hard to look good but also to improve your health. The sedentary lifestyle can kill you slowly.


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