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Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

5 Breast-Lifting Exercises with and without weights. Can exercising make my breasts grow or at least look bigger and lifted? Increasing the volume of the breasts through exercise may be possible in a certain way, although it is really a visual effect caused by the toning and possible hypertrophy of the muscles behind the breasts ...

... more specifically speaking of the major and minor pectoral muscles and serrates. That is, it is not that the exercises applied make your breasts increase their volume and size since in them there is no muscle to become hypertrophied. But what is certain is that a woman who exercises properly can make her breasts look a little more voluptuous or at least raised or even "perk". How to Get Bigger Boobs?

The other thing to keep in mind is that women should put aside the fear of performing high-intensity workouts with weights, since these will not convert them as men and will not cause their breasts to fall or lose weight and volume.

What if a woman exercises her pectoral muscles?

The aforementioned may will happen in some way, meaning that these muscles will be toned and / or hypertrophied (depending on how you train), because they are muscles placed behind the breasts, so these muscles will make the breasts look more lifted and perhaps bigger and maybe Will generate an appearance of more volume which can be something more "striking" and attractive.

Perhaps the fear that roars in some women when it comes to performing exercises focused on working the top of their bodies is because usually at gyms many women are observed to inject high or moderate doses of some type of anabolic steroid ...

... I will not mention the exact names of these drugs to prevent you from falling into temptation. But the point is that this type of women perform all kinds of exercises and usually the upper part of their bodies is often marked (very marked) and somewhat square, so to speak, which generates a bad effect of in what other women think about them ...

... Then this women who inject or consume this kind of drugs use to have a square chest and squashed breasts... and practicing these exercises will promote this square breasts look (but mainly this happens because of the "roids" injection). That is, many times they do not even know or think that these women use this types of drugs ...

... which help them to boost their workouts and to look or get bodies they want, and this steroids injection in high doses of course make their bodies tend to develop less fat and more muscle mass (usually in a very exaggerated and masculine way).

Why are my breasts getting smaller?

If you notice that you are reducing the size of your breasts or they are falling... and you train hard in the gym, do not blame the exercises unless you are training in a way too exhausting and you are not reaching to recover well, so that way your menstrual cycle could be altered over time and therefore the hormonal part could affect the size of your breasts for bad.

But if you are a hard-training woman but you do not workout until you "die" and you also have a good diet and apply other good habits of life, you will get firm and bigger breasts or at least firm and lifted. Keep in mind that even you notice that the size of your breasts is reducing, probably to emotional factors ...

... same ones that are very rooted to the emotional part and of course to the hormonal secretion, the size of your breasts may change eventually. That is, those women who go through satisfactory relationships have a tendency to look more beautiful than those who do not have pleasant emotional relationships or do not have any sexual and amorous relationships.

And this beauty is usually noticeable at first glance in the size of the breasts, in the size of the hips and the butt, in the texture and color of the hair, in the texture and the color of the skin, among other factors.

"Unfortunately" women are more prone to emotions. This is a good thing when you are living pleasurable things because the good results can be noticed in a great way in a short time, but it can be quite devastating when everything plays against and therefore increases the stress and the secretion of catabolic hormones who may affect your breasts look and other parts of your body, etc.

Exercises to tone women's pectorals and improve the appearance of breasts

Here are some exercises that can help you tone your pectoral muscles, which is a factor that could help you improve the appearance of your breasts, making them appear more volume and more raised or lifted compared to how you had them before start exercising or apply these exercises.

Keep in mind that these are exercises that you should always add yes or yes to your workout routine with or without weights, whether you perform a traditional routine or a full body routine where you work all the muscles in single day either followed or with a day of total rest

1. Barbell bench press.
Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

You must have two very important aspects in this exercise: the first is that when you lower the bar, try to do it only until your arms are parallel to the floor, or almost until your arms and forearms form a 90 ° angle. Then, the second is that you should avoid lowering this indication both to avoid compromising too much the glenohumeral joints (those that join the arms to the shoulders) to avoid hitting your breasts.

The weight and repetitions to handle in this exercise depend on your abilities and goals. For example if you are beginners or if you just want to tone this muscles, it handles weights between 60% and 70% of your MR and performs on average 15 repetitions per set. If you want to hypertrophy these muscles or gain more volume, then increase the weights even when you perform less repetitions. NOTE: Remember to handle weights that you can use alone.

2. Bench bench press with barbell o dumbbells on inclined bench.
Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

The indications are similar to the previous exercise, that is not to exaggerate in the descent (excentric) part of this exercise. NOTE: This exercise is highly recommended when you have, for example, an imbalance of strength and / or volume in an arm, shoulder or chest.

3. Dumbbell openings on inclined bench.
Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

Try not to overdo it when opening your arms. It is not a matter of overexing glenohumeral joints, it is a matter of the pectoral muscles feeling the eccentric and concentric tension and for this an exaggerated opening is not required because may increase the risk of injury.

4. Pull over with bar or dumbbell.
Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

Try not to exaggerate in carrying too much behind your head the barbell / bar to avoid compromising the glenohumeral joints too much.

5. Push ups with different variations.
Can I get bigger breasts with exercises with and without weights?

It depends on your level of strength, you can try one or another way to perform these prone arm pushups to exercise your pecs and try to improve the appearance of your breasts.

Well, there are many other exercises for you as a woman to apply in your training routine or for you as a trainer to apply in the training routine of one of your students. The previous ones are the most basic, but they are no less effective, since in my opinion they are the most effective in working properly and directly the pectoral muscles major and minor, and in an indirect way the Serratos among others.

Are there exercises to perk, gather, firm, lift and shape your breasts?

Some women often ask me if there are specific exercises to gather their breasts (make their distance shorter between each other), to try to get them to bond more closely together. The truth is that the exercises mentioned above could help this factor ...

If we consider that the exaggerated separation of the breasts usually is due to a lack of tonicity and of force in the muscles that are behind them, or mainly of the pectoral muscles and the serratos.

So if you include the exercises mentioned in your training routine, and maybe others you can find or recommend, over time you can achieve the goals you want to be to make your breasts look more closely together or linked together, and make their appearance in terms of volume and lift noticeably improve.

Keep in mind that you will not notice changes overnight. This may take several weeks. But you should still be motivated to train, not only to improve your appearance but also your health.


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