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Basil: all its medicinal, nutritional and therapeutic uses

There are many benefits from the consumption of basil infusions (Ocimum basilicum) such as relief of sore throat, relief of stomach cramps caused by indigestion or menstruation and vomiting.

However, the fact of having excellent sedative properties (relaxation) is the main characteristic of this plant and therefore is often used for treatments related to depression, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

The sedative properties of basil make it an essential ally in the treatment of people suffering from depression, anguish and / or anxiety.

Medicinal properties of Basil that significantly improve our health

Below you can see a list of all the magnificent medicinal properties that Basil brings to our body:

It is beneficial in cases of insomnia and anxiety since it helps regulate the functioning of our nervous system mainly.

Activates the optimal functioning of our intestines so that the absorption of nutrients is optimal. In addition, with the basil is prevented a deterioration of the intestina…


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