Basil: all its medicinal, nutritional and therapeutic uses

There are many benefits from the consumption of basil infusions (Ocimum basilicum) such as relief of sore throat, relief of stomach cramps caused by indigestion or menstruation and vomiting.

However, the fact of having excellent sedative properties (relaxation) is the main characteristic of this plant and therefore is often used for treatments related to depression, anxiety, nervousness, etc.

The sedative properties of basil make it an essential ally in the treatment of people suffering from depression, anguish and / or anxiety.

Medicinal properties of Basil that significantly improve our health

Below you can see a list of all the magnificent medicinal properties that Basil brings to our body:

  • It is beneficial in cases of insomnia and anxiety since it helps regulate the functioning of our nervous system mainly.

  • Activates the optimal functioning of our intestines so that the absorption of nutrients is optimal. In addition, with the basil is prevented a deterioration of the intestinal flora.

  • It help us fight against physical and mental fatigue thanks to the fact that it allows our intestines to absorb much better the nutrients we consume through food.

  • It helps to eliminate kidney stones that show up in our kidneys that often cause us so much pain.

  • It favors the good digestion of the food and that is why consuming Basil reduces the risk of gastrointestinal discomforts like flatulence, gas, diarrhea, fullness, etc.

  • Basil helps to decrease the general muscular weakness since it promotes the good absorption of the nutrients obtained from meals.

  • Reduces stomach aches and vomiting by promoting the optimal functioning of all organs of our digestive system.

  • It helps to avoid the affections of the respiratory tract thanks to its antihistamine effect. However, there are not yet enough studies to support this function of the Basil.

  • Basil helps to Repel mosquitoes if you leave its infusion or the plant located close to the window in your room. So you will not have to be throwing poison to kill them that can also harm you.

  • Basil activates the immune system mainly if we consider that it improves the function of the intestines.

  • Reduces anxiety, stress and other conditions that significantly alter our nervous and endocrine systems.

  • It stimulates the production of breast milk, so that mothers will not have problems to provide the best nutrition to their newborn children.

  • It helps fight premature aging thanks to the fact that it improves the absorption of nutrients, among which we could choose to consume antioxidants.

  • Basil helps to improve the health of the arteries by promoting the proper absorption of nutrients such as vitamins A, C and E that promote the proliferation of new cells and tissue repair.

  • It soothes irritated nipples since it promotes the repair of tissues at a general level.

  • Basil reduces the inflammation of all the organs and tissues of our organism if we take into account that it helps to cleanse our blood.

  • Basil Eliminates or mitigates headache thanks to its powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

  • Basil is very effective in treating cases of laryngitis and pharyngitis, thanks also to its powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

  • It is used to treat ear pain usually caused by some type of infection.

  • Accelerates the recovery of the flu thanks to the fact that it promotes the adequate absorption of vitamins and minerals that we consume in our diet.

  • It calms the cough caused by an infection, thanks to its powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

  • Basil strengthens the hair and prevents its fall because it promotes the optimal health of the intestines and that improves the proper absortion of nutrients such as Biotin, zinc, among others.

  • It is used to treat inflammation of the urinary tract thanks to its powerful antihistamine and anti-inflammatory action.

  • The Basil also helps to heal wounds caused by burns, scrapes, surgeries, etc.

The Basil against stress

If you are one of those people who live under "brutal" stress, either because you can not sleep well due to work or academic occupations, complicated or bad relationships, among other things, you can try drinking 1 to 2 cups of basil infusion daily for soothe that stress that is so bad for our health in general.

Below I can explain how you can use Basil to help you fight the stress of your life. Learn how you should prepare this powerful infusion that will help you to be much calmer.

How should the basil infusion be prepared?

The preparation of the basil infusion should be done as follows:

You must put two cups of water on the stove until it boils and, when it does, add about 8 to 10 leaves of basil, then remove immediately from the stove and cover the pot or the container that you have used, for approximately 5 minutes. Finally add a few drops of lemon, before drinking, to increase its properties.

This same infusion is very efficient at the time of relieving headaches, flatulence and nausea, in addition to those problems already mentioned at the beginning of the post.

If you suffer from sore throat, pharyngitis or laryngitis, you can try to gargle with this infusion (obviously waiting for it to be at environment temperature), since this herb is natural antiseptic and can help a lot in these cases.

Ways to consume basil to improve health

Other ways to use Basil to take advantage of all its properties. It is very easy and very beneficial to be able to consume the Basil in one of the following ways:

You should add fresh basil leaves and perhaps crushed (so that it is easier to eat) to your meals just before eating. You can add the whole leaf or cut it into small pieces. With this you can also improve the taste of food in most cases

Another way to use basil is making an infusion with fresh or dried leaves as I indicated. One teaspoon of chopped leaves is used for every 200 mL of water (approximately one glass). When the water is very hot you must add it to the glass in which you have put the leaves of Basil, then you must cover it and then let it rest for 5 minutes. The truth is that this option is less appetizing, in general, than the first, since the basil infusion has not the best taste.

Home remedies you can do using basil

For medicinal purposes the leaves of this plant are used, so take advantage of all its benefits:

  • To combat headache at a general level you should prepare an infusion with a spoonful of dry leaves adding them in 200 mL of water. You must first put the basil leaves in a cup and then add the hot water (preferably boiled). Then you must cover the cup and let rest for 4 minutes. When it's warm, you should separed the leaves from the liquid. This infusion can be taken little by little during the day, it does not matter if it is not hot.

  • To strengthen the hair and prevent its fall you just have to add between 100 and 120 grams of basil leaves to 250 mL of boiling water and cover this combination and then let it rest for 20 minutes. Then you must filter and apply daily (at room temperature) on the scalp at the same time you perform a stimulating massage.

  • To alleviate the pain of ears caused by an infection, you must grind the fresh leaves (80-100 grams) to try to extract juice, which you must place in the entrance of the affected ear.

  • To relieve throat pain you should gargle several times a day with the infusion of this plant, preferably about 20 to 30 minutes after brushing yotu teeth.

  • To treat sores and canker sores you must grind several basil leaves and apply them to the affected area in the form of poultices
  • (cataplasm).

  • Helps fight acne by applying the basil infusion on the face or affected area including back, arms, intimate area, etc.

  • If you want to repel mosquitoes, grow basil in pots and put them in the windows of your room. You can also put basil twigs through the walls. If you get bitten by mosquitoes, you can use the leaves to help deflate and improve the bites by using poultices (cataplasm) of basil leaves.

More benefits of basil to improve our health:

Benefits of consuming basil every day

  • Hair: it is very good to stimulate the scalp promoting hair growth and strengthening it. This is good after washing the hair with shampoo (the usual for everyone) rinse with basil infusion (warm at room temperature).

  • Ears: if you suffer from an earache caused by otitis, for example, you can gently and gently introduce a cotton swab impregnated with basil juice (mashing several leaves with a few drops of boiled water). It should be noted that cotton should not be introduced very deep and that the best thing in these cases is to assist an otolaryngologist who is the specialist in this area. The one of the small one is in case of slight pain.

  • For fresh breath: the infusion of basil indirectly serves to maintain a fresh and pleasant breath.

  • Keep away mosquitoes: this plant can be grown in small or medium pots that you can place outside, and some in the interior of your house or apartment, as it helps to ward off mosquitoes or other flying insects. Do not exaggerate either, with 2 or 3 is enough.

  • Fiber source: its consumption for example in salads helps our body to eliminate different toxins and, added to this, it also has an ideal amount of fiber that stimulates our digestive system helping the effective and timely elimination of feces.